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Jungkook and NewJeans→Baekho, BOYNEXTDOOR and V: HYBE Labels Artists having relay comebacks in 2023

Even as we transition from summer to autumn in the third quarter, comebacks by HYBE Labels artists continue. Following the scorching success of global music markets this summer by groups like BTS‘s Jungkook and NewJeans, the line-up includes Baekho, BOYNEXTDOOR, and BTS’s V. With their diverse range of music styles, each representing their label’s unique flavor, they are poised to captivate audiences.

The Most Sophisticated Pop – Jungkook & The Uniquely Natural NewJeans

The start of this third quarter was marked by Jungkook and NewJeans. Jungkook (BigHit Music) made his solo debut on July 14 with the single ‘Seven (Feat. Latto)’, taking his first steps into solo activities. ‘Seven (Feat. Latto)’ blended the trendy UK garage rhythm with Jungkook’s captivating vocals, performance, and star quality, which garnered immense popularity. The song skyrocketed to the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (as of July 25th), solidifying his influence in the U.S. mainstream music market.

On July 21, NewJeans (ADOR) released their second mini-album ‘Get Up’, filled with their signature sensibility. NewJeans blend a variety of genres like UK garage, Jersey club, house, punk, R&B, and Euro pop with their natural and sophisticated sensibilities. They have made history as a K-pop group by reaching the top of the U.S. Billboard 200 chart in the shortest time after debut, and their title tracks are simultaneously entering the Hot 100, solidifying their popularity.

Sexy Baekho & Youthful Empathy – BOYNEXTDOOR

Unique HYBE Labels artists are also gearing up for comebacks. On the 31st, Baekho (Pledis Entertainment) is set to reveal his first digital single project ‘the [bæd] time’ with the first song ‘Elevator’, showcasing his fatal sexiness. This song is a remake of a 1995 song by Park Jin-young, depicting a secret emotional exchange between a man and a woman inside an elevator. Baekho’s reinterpretation adds his passionate sound to this narrative.

Following that, HYBE Labels’ youngest group, BOYNEXTDOOR (KOZ Entertainment), will release their first mini-album ‘WHY..’ on the 4th of the next month. Through six tracks, they depict moments of first love and first farewells that everyone experiences at least once, stimulating youthful empathy. They have particularly expressed their feelings about their youth through their participation in lyric writing and composition, adding a touch of honesty to their music.

Underneath the Glamour, Subtle Sensibility – V

The finale of the 3rd quarter’s HYBE Labels artist comebacks is graced by V (BigHit Music). On September 8, V will release his solo album ‘Layover’. The pre-released tracks ‘Rainy Days’ and ‘Love Me Again’, unveiled on the 11th, gained significant attention from global listeners, ranking at the top of iTunes ‘Top Songs’ charts in 70 countries and 35 countries respectively.

Notably, this album is a collaboration project with ADOR Min Hee-jin, who oversees production. Min, the executive producer who led the overall production of ‘Layover’, explained, “Rather than focusing on V’s glamour, I wanted to highlight the subtlety beneath it in shaping the overall atmosphere of the songs.” With the anticipation for the outcome of this collaboration between different labels running high, audiences are eagerly awaiting the results.


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