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UNIS has heated up Japan with “UTO FEST 2024 in Fukuoka”

UNIS has heated up Japan.

UNIS attended the “UTO FEST 2024 in Fukuoka” held at the Marine Messe Fukuoka A Hall in Japan on the 21st.

On this day, UNIS performed all the tracks from their first mini-album “WE UNIS” and interacted closely with the audience. Especially since this performance was their first overseas stage since debut, the atmosphere was filled with even more enthusiasm.

The group opened the performance with “Dream of girls.” The members then greeted the fans briefly before presenting consecutive performances of “SUPERWOMAN,” “Whatchu Need,” “Butterfly’s Dream,” and “Dopamine.”

The diverse stage, spanning various genres, further excited the fans in attendance. Despite the continuous performances, UNIS showed no signs of fatigue. From dreamy atmospheres to kitschy and lively moments, and contrasting powerful performances, they displayed their versatile charms.

Their interaction with the audience was also noteworthy. UNIS skillfully elicited responses from the fans from the beginning to the end of the performance. Additionally, the members demonstrated seasoned stage manners, leading the atmosphere on stage in response to the passionate support from their fans.

After the performance, the group expressed their excitement through their agency F&F Entertainment, stating, “It was our first overseas performance since debut, and we were thrilled at the thought of meeting more fans.” They were deeply moved by the enthusiastic response from the audience enjoying their songs.

They added, “We hope to have more opportunities to meet fans worldwide starting with this performance. We will continue to strive and grow, so please continue to support UNIS.”

The group kicked off their global activities with “UTO FEST 2024 in Fukuoka.” Next, they will embark on a full-scale campaign to win over local fans through Japanese promotions on the 28th. From May 4th to 6th, they will hold the ‘U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour,’ meeting fans in Cebu and Manila.


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