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Unit Legends, SISTAR19 to make a comeback after 11 years with ‘There is None’

‘It felt empty without it.’ SISTAR19, considered a ‘legendary unit,’ is making a return after 11 years. They are set to come back with a new song in January next year.

Formed in 2013, SISTAR19 is a unit composed of Hyolyn and Bora, members of the 4-member girl group SISTAR, which debuted in 2010. In SISTAR19, the ’19’ represents the age of 19, symbolizing the purity and anxiety of the boundary between girls and women during that age, aiming to infuse love and emotions into their music that can be felt during this time. While SISTAR portrayed a healthy and energetic image, SISTAR19 pursued a more mature and sexy image.

SISTAR19 achieved consecutive hits with their debut single ‘Ma Boy’ in 2011 and the single ‘There is None’ released in 2013. At the time, unit activities were not as common as they are today, making SISTAR19’s success even more exceptional.

‘Ma Boy’ is a memorable song with lyrics full of the anxious yet affectionate emotions of girls in love. It combines Hyolyn’s refreshing vocals with Bora’s husky rap. The medium-tempo song was easy to follow and became a hit.

Their performance included the ‘Chair Dance,’ which restrained their sexiness using chairs, and the ‘Honey-Wave Dance,’ where they sang ‘Ma~ Boy~’ during the highlight part and waved, both of which became performance highlights. The ‘Honey-Wave Dance’ even became a TikTok trend overseas last year. In some cases, during SISTAR’s activities, all four members of the group performed the song as a 4-member version. This illustrates how, like the girl group SISTAR, the unit SISTAR19 achieved success.

‘There is None’ is a song of sad emotions that depicts love blooming, flowers withering, and fading memories with straightforward lyrics. Hyolyn and Bora vividly expressed the inner emotions of girls turning into women after experiencing love and separation, as well as the emptiness and pain of parting.

The choreography, composed of movements that beautifully accentuate the female body, exuded sophistication and elegance. Hip wave movements, choreography using transparent chairs, and dancers dancing while covering their eyes added sexiness to the performance. The dance moves that made Hyolyn and Bora look like reflections of each other in a mirror also added a unique charm.

Hyolyn and Bora are determined to upgrade the team’s color to a new trend through an overall overhaul process from vocals to choreography, in preparation for the reunion of SISTAR19. It is worth noting that Bora, who focused on acting activities as an actress rather than a singer after the official end of SISTAR activities, is showing her skills as a singer again after a long time. It is also anticipated that Hyolyn, who has established herself as a solo female artist, will present a new side of herself through group activities.

In January next year, Hyolyn and Bora will return to the stage as SISTAR19 after a whopping 11 years. Their influence in the music industry is something to look forward to, as it may also resonate with today’s MZ generation.


Author joyce.editor
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