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Untimely controversies: When stars face backlash for simple recommendations and praise

This is truly like a bolt from the blue. Stars are breaking a sweat over untimely ‘forced controversies’. They simply recommended good songs, praised works they enjoyed, and yet controversies arose.

BTS‘s RM recommended a song to fans and got caught up in an untimely controversy. RM recently recommended the song ‘Bad Religion’ by American singer Frank Ocean on his personal social media.

The song contains internal conflict related to sexual orientation, with lyrics like ‘Religion that makes me kneel is a bad religion,’ and it raised suspicions of containing hatred towards Islam. Some fans from Islamic cultural regions criticized RM for hating Islam. In response, RM said in a live broadcast on the 30th, “I keep hearing that I insulted the Islamic religion, but I didn’t. There was no intention or purpose. It’s just a song,” and he requested, “I respect all faiths and religions. Please believe me as is, without speculating about my words.”

He also mentioned, “Even if I tell the truth, I can’t convince or persuade everyone. Some will say, ‘No, you had such intentions and purposes.’ But I didn’t,” emphasizing that he didn’t have any negative intentions. He continued, “I felt compelled to talk because I was hearing noise from all sides. Trust me.”

Similarly, another star got caught in an untimely controversy after recommending works to fans. aespa‘s Karina recommended many animations to fans, including ‘My Hero Academia’, ‘The Promised Neverland’, ‘Assassination Classroom’, and ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’.

However, an animation mentioned by Karina, ‘My Hero Academia,’ was embroiled in controversy due to issues related to the original character ‘Maruta.’ The character’s name, ‘Maruta,’ was associated with the Japanese Unit 731 during World War II, which conducted experiments on civilian victims. This led to controversy because ‘Maruta’ is a term used to refer to those victims.

In response, Karina stated, “I found out later that there were issues with the animation I recommended. I didn’t know about any past issues with the character’s name. I didn’t have any intentions behind recommending it, so I hope there are no misunderstandings.” She further stated, “I will be more careful in the future and share good information with our fans,” expressing her intentions.

Some netizens expressed bewilderment, saying, “I don’t understand why Karina, who is not the original creator, has to explain herself,” finding the controversy untimely.

Another star praised someone’s appearance and showed appreciation but suddenly faced criticism. Rapper Lee Young-ji, known for her YouTube channel ‘I Don’t Have Much But,’ unexpectedly faced backlash from netizens.

During an episode where she appeared as a guest on ‘I Don’t Have Much But,’ Lee Young-ji couldn’t help but admire the beauty of aespa’s Karina, saying, “How do you look like this? You’re really pretty.” She also commented on Karina’s face size, saying, “I don’t want to just praise you for being pretty, but you’re too pretty. Were you always small-faced?”

In response, Karina mentioned that she had complexes about her appearance when she was younger and was teased for looking like a giraffe. Lee Young-ji expressed her disbelief, saying, “I can’t understand it. Most of the people who criticize like that either don’t have mirrors at home or are like me, people who look at your (Karina’s) face and get discouraged.”

However, some criticized Lee Young-ji’s attitude, calling it “self-deprecating” and accusing her of promoting superficiality. Still, others defended her, saying, “She only shared her personal opinion and praised her. What’s the problem?”

These stars recommended songs they liked, shared enjoyable works, and simply praised appearances. However, they unexpectedly faced criticism. While it’s important for public figures to be cautious with their words and actions, scrutinizing every mention, especially when it doesn’t involve the creation of problematic content, can sometimes feel like an ‘forced controversy.’

In these untimely controversies, stars are sweating. It’s a time when it’s necessary to make clear judgments about whether these are truly unexpected forced controversies or if there are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed.


Author Nat.O
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