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Unveiling the heartwarming dynamics of “My Sibling’s Romance”: A deep dive into PD Lee Jin-joo’s emotional mastery

Unveiling the heartwarming dynamics of “My Sibling’s Romance”: A deep dive into PD Lee Jin-joo’s emotional mastery

JTBC’s “My Sibling’s Romance”, helmed by PD Lee Jin-joo, felt like nothing more than a sitcom version of its predecessor, Tving’s “EXchange”. I expected it to be full of subtle humor, where laughter erupts just by watching my sibling or sister or brother showing a serious side to pursue love. When you mention siblings, aren’t they supposed to become stronger adversaries than anyone else, leading the way in mockery and gossip?

However, the reality was different. There was a thick bond of camaraderie between Yeong-woo and Ju-yeon, Cheol-hyeon and Cho-a, and Jeong-seop and Yun-ha, which I couldn’t believe would exist in reality, given their characters in the drama relied on each other.

Of course, Yeong-woo, who took on the role of a father figure due to their parents’ divorce, or Cho-a, who lost her father early on and whose mother fought cancer for a long time, sustaining her as the de facto head of the family, laid the foundation for this difference. So, Ju-yeon always smiles brightly, and Cheol-hyeon, despite being mischievous, could maintain his innocence.

When Yun-ha didn’t receive a single vote in the male contestants’ popularity poll, Jeong-seop, feeling disappointed and resentful, also didn’t seem like an ordinary sibling. Perhaps it’s because of Yun-ha’s careful care for her siblings. In ‘Love Siblings,’ a unique theme of siblings dating under one roof, the deep bond of siblings that they had hidden and lived with was more pronounced.

The warm smile of Cho-a, who looks at Cheol-hyeon more proudly than anyone else, or Ju-yeon’s bright face as she looks at Yeong-woo, who leads the atmosphere maturely whether at home or outside, or the scenes of Jeong-seop and Yun-ha saying, “Sister is the prettiest,” “When sitting, my brother is the most handsome,” depicted heartwarming emotions that couldn’t be seen in any other variety show. Amidst all this, Se-seung and Jae-hyeong’s bickering becomes another breath of fresh air.

As seen in the “EXchange” series, PD Lee Jin-joo’s strength lies in accurately capturing the emotions of the cast and deeply embedding them. Although the development may seem somewhat slow, the density of emotions packed within eventually explodes powerfully at some point.

Hit Dating Show “EXchange” (“Transit Love”) To Return For Season 3 With New  Director | Soompi

In particular, scenes like Yeong-woo suddenly bursting into tears while talking about his childhood and father with the production team, or Cheol-hyeon unable to hold back tears while talking about his argument with his mother, are scenes where one cannot help but shed tears. From moments of tears welling up to sobbing scenes, “My Sibling’s Romance” captured it all without editing a single moment, using long takes. It conveyed to the viewers how much the cast endured and lived with over time.

PD Lee Jin-joo spent more than 8 months after joining JTBC to come up with a new plan, after countless meetings. Although ‘Love Siblings’ somewhat resembles the framework of ‘Transit Love,’ this PD attempted to find new emotions within her area of expertise, and it seems to have hit the mark as soon as the broadcast began.

“My Sibling’s Romance” which set a record in the new paid subscription section of Tving’s, as PD Lee Jin-joo did with the “EXchange” series, is expected to once again demonstrate its power on Wave. In fact, according to the results of the Fun Index (FUNdex) survey conducted by Good Data Corporation, a specialist in analyzing K-content competitiveness, “My Sibling’s Romance” confidently topped the list of most talked-about entertainment programs in the TV-OTT integrated bidrama category.

After the release of the second episode on the 8th, the show’s popularity index on weekends increased nearly threefold compared to the first episode, emerging as a trending dating reality show.

Not only are the personalities and charms of the cast excellent, but their relationships are also accurately portrayed, and it’s expected that their romantic emotions will gradually unfold. Therefore, the rising trend of ‘Love Siblings’ is likely to continue.


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