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VERIVERY’s appearance at JAMBOREE K-Pop concert falls through

According to a report from TENASIA on the 7th, VERIVERY will not be taking the stage at the “2023 Saemangeum World Scout JAMBOREE K-Pop Super Live” event.

A representative from VERIVERY stated, “Unfortunately, due to the postponement of the event scheduled for the 6th, the group will not be able to participate. VERIVERY has a prior schedule in Houston, USA on the 11th, which is the rescheduled date for the event.”

The Saemangeum World Scout JAMBOREE organizing committee announced on the 5th, “In consideration of the ongoing heatwave leading to heat-related illnesses and safety concerns, the originally planned nighttime K-Pop performance event on the 6th will be changed to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for enjoying K-Pop culture. We are currently reviewing specific measures and will announce them soon.” Subsequently, the event was abruptly canceled, and it is now scheduled to take place at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 11th.

The JAMBOREE K-Pop Concert, which was initially announced to feature performances by ENHYPEN, IVE, Zerobase1, STAYC, P1Harmony, &TEAM, VERIVERY, Lee Chaeyeon, NATURE, ATBO, PSYCHUS, and ICHIKI, encountered disruptions due to sudden schedule changes. Issues such as heat-related illnesses and inadequate preparation and response led to the series of problems. In addition to VERIVERY, ENHYPEN also reported the cancellation of their appearance at the JAMBOREE concert.

Author Nat.O
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