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WAKER meets Japanese fans with “Fan Live in Japan”

WAKER meets Japanese fans with “Fan Live in Japan”.

Howling Entertainment, the agency of WAKER , said, “Starting February 2nd, WAKER will hold ‘Fan Live in Japan’ in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo, Japan and meet local fans.” The day was revealed.

WAKER, who officially debuted with the mini-album “Mission of School”, has been consistently active in Japan even before his debut, and has a strong local fan base, enough to have his name listed on several K-pop voting sites.

Accordingly, to commemorate their official debut, they are determined to meet and communicate directly with local fans in Japan and perform live performances for the fans. In particular, it is said that the members have high expectations for this fan concert as it is an opportunity to listen to WAKER’s own music rather than cover songs.

WAKER is a six-member boy group newly introduced by Howling Entertainment, which has been developing and producing various contents for over 20 years. The team name WAKER, which means ‘a person who awakens people,’ contains the ambition to awaken the hearts of fans through songs.

They released their debut album “Mission of School” on the 8th and are actively working on it. In particular, even though it is a mini album, it contains as many as 10 tracks and has garnered a lot of attention.

The debut title song “ATLANTIS” is a pop genre song with an impressive retro synthesizer, electric guitar, and heavy rhythm. It is a song that announces WAKER’s goal path and the beginning of the story to be told in the future.

Composer ROHAN was in charge of producing, and choreography director group MOTF team was in charge of performance direction. In addition, director Lee Sa-gang of Johnny Bros took the helm of the music video and contributed to their first start.

Meanwhile, the group, who are attracting attention as a ‘rising 5th generation boy group powerhouse’, plans to continue his active activities in both Korea and Japan.


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