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What is the Hollywood filming location like? The behind-the-scenes stories told directly by the actors are revealed

What is the Hollywood filming location like? The behind-the-scenes stories told directly by the actors are revealed.

Recently, Korean filmmakers in Hollywood achieved great success by being nominated and winning awards at leading overseas awards ceremonies, including the movie “Fast Lives” (director Celine Song) and the Netflix series “BEEF”.

In addition, Korean actors’ advancement into the U.S. continues, with those who have already made their names known in Hollywood, such as Bae Doo-na and Ma Dong-seok, as well as Son Jong-hak and Lee Sang-hee, taking new steps toward the U.S. market.

Among them, the behind-the-scenes footage revealed by Kim Yoon-ji of Netflix’s “Lift” and Park Seo-joon of the movie “The Marvels” (directed by Nia DaCosta) through interviews after their Hollywood debut is attracting attention.

◆ “What do you do on the weekend?” Compliance with working hours

Kim Yoon-ji and Park Seo-joon, who experienced Hollywood strictly complying with legal working hours, said in unison, “We always take weekends off.”

Park Seo-joon said, “We also went to see musicals together on the weekends. They only worked from Monday to Friday and lived with the weekend in mind. When Friday came, they asked, ‘What do you do on the weekend?’ Everyone shares this talk,” he said.

Kim Yoon-ji also explained, “I rested on the weekend, but I was worried about going out because it was the coronavirus. I stayed at the hotel because I didn’t want to get infected with the coronavirus and cause damage to the site if I went out.”

◆ From rehearsal actors to makeup off

Kim Yoon-ji also said about the Hollywood filming environment, “There are separate actors rehearsing. There are 7 rehearsal actors who look similar to each other in the role, so they coordinate their movements and help with lighting and camera settings while doing hair and makeup. Then, when they return after finishing. They allowed me to go in right away.”

She explained, “After the filming was over, they removed all my makeup and gave me a massage, which was amazing. I went to the hotel with my makeup on without knowing it, and everyone asked me why I didn’t remove it, but they said they would remove it and do it for me. It’s not a waiting room, but a private trailer, so I can spend some alone time. I was able to spend it,” she said, “I was grateful for being able to experience it.”

◆ A place where people from all over the world gather

Park Seo-joon explained about the Hollywood scene he experienced by participating in the movie “The Marvels”, “Each person has their own part, and we try to respect each other. The Korean scene is a little more fluid.”

“The funny thing is, there were people from all over the world there. Since we went to the UK to film, I thought there would be only British people, but that wasn’t the case,” he said.

“Everyone was cheerful and started playing music and dancing. This kind of cheerful atmosphere doesn’t exist in Korea, so it was a cultural experience. I felt a difference,” he added.

He said, “It was a good experience to talk with people from different cultures, including the costume team and makeup team. It was good because I felt like it was a time where I was able to have experiences that I couldn’t have in life.”


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