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“Wife” was embroiled in controversy due to negligence in managing the performance hall

“Wife”, which attracted attention as Girls’ Generation member and actress Choi Soo-young’s first play attempt, was embroiled in controversy due to negligence in managing the performance hall.

Recently, reviews pointing out problems with LG Arts Center Seoul’s negligence in managing the performance hall where “Wife” is being held are spreading through online communities.

They complained that some audience members suddenly took out cameras and took continuous pictures while the performance was in full swing. At this time, he expressed his dissatisfaction by saying that the staff at the concert hall did not stop him, causing great damage to his ability to watch the performance.

In fact, on the actual “Wife” ticketing site, one of the reviews said, “I couldn’t see or hear a single thing about the performance because they kept taking pictures with cameras throughout the performance. They took 300 more pictures during the performance. It was the worst performance. No one is stopping anyone. No matter how much you protest, they remain silent. Don’t manage the performance in this way.”

A post filled with dissatisfaction stands out, and the post is gaining sympathy from many audiences.

The problem is that as the issue of lack of management of the concert hall spreads, it is being misrepresented that Choi Soo-young‘s fans are causing a nuisance to the so-called ‘gwank’, causing controversy.

Regarding this, netizens said, “Choi Soo-young seems to be unable to concentrate and avoid the performance while performing.” “It’s a problem of lack of performance venue management, so why does Choi Soo-young look like she did something wrong?” “I didn’t ask Choi Soo-young to take pictures, so why are you doing this?” “Isn’t it Choi Soo-young’s fault? “, etc. are showing reactions.

Meanwhile, “Wife” is a work that tells the story of social awareness of sexual minorities and individual equality and freedom through four eras. Choi Soo-young’s first attempt at a play has garnered a lot of attention, and she plans to continue performing at the LG Arts Center Seoul U+ Stage until February 8th.

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