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BLACKPINK contact status: Will the contract renewal of the entire group BLACKPINK finally pick up speed?

Will the contract renewal of the entire group BLACKPINK finally pick up speed?

Jisoo and Rosé showed off their continued friendship. In the “Paris Blog” video released on Rosé’s official YouTube channel on the 1st, Rosé and Jisoo had a great time in Paris.

In particular, Jisoo revealed, “Yesterday Chaeyoung (Rosé’s real name) slept in my room, and she really got hit on me. She was wearing sleeveless clothes, and she hit me hard here, and it turned red later, so I said, ‘Stop it now. Stop hitting me here.'” I was hugged. Rosé, who hit the arm of the comical Jisoo who even did the Crayon Shin-chan dance, was happy and said, “I had a really hard time. I laughed so much that I think I looked two years younger. I will live a long time because of last night.”

BLACKPINK is currently discussing renewing its contract with YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG).

The exclusive contract has already ended in August, but with all four members unable to decide on their future actions, various speculations are being raised, including rumors of Rosé renewing her contract with YG, Jenny of establishing a one-person agency, and Lisa of moving to an overseas agency.

In particular, one YouTuber raised fans’ anxiety by claiming, “BLACKPINK members are not as close as they used to be to the point where they don’t talk about personal things.”

However, the atmosphere is recently turning around. Although YG is maintaining the position that they are “discussing a contract renewal,” it was claimed that the members agreed to continue group activities with YG, and an image of the four members actually receiving the Order of the British Empire was also revealed, lending weight to the theory that they will be working as a group. It was. As Jisoo and Rosé continue to show off their friendship, fans’ expectations are growing.

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