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WJSN member Exy (Chu So-jeong) will appear in the movie ‘Eighteen Youth’.

On the 11th, her agency King Kong by Starship stated, “Chu So-jeong will be appearing in the movie ‘Eighteen Youth’. We ask for a lot of love and attention for Chu So-jeong, who will be coming to the screen as an actress.”

‘Eighteen Youth’ portrays the meeting between the cool teacher Hee-joo (played by Jeon So-min), who receives mixed reactions from students due to her unique teaching methods, and the quirky homeroom teacher Soon-jeong (played by Kim Do-yeon), who is a nuisance to her colleagues.

In the play, Chu So-jeong takes on the role of Kyung-hee, a top student who is also Hee-joo’s student and never misses out on being number one. Kyung-hee demonstrates a determined side when it comes to grades, but she is a character who questions Hee-joo’s actions that disrupt the existing order. Chu So-jeong is expected to showcase different emotions and interactions between unique characters.

Chu So-jeong has left a deep impression on viewers through various works. She received praise for her successful debut in the JTBC program ‘IDOL: The Coup,’ where she portrayed the character’s dark side and growth in a three-dimensional manner. In addition, she exuded a strong presence and brought a twist to the drama with her brief but intense role in the ‘Floor Noise’ episode of the movie ‘Seoul Gossip.’ As a result, there is anticipation for the new side that Chu So-jeong will reveal in ‘Eighteen Youth.’

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