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“Wonderful World” will extend its final episode, Episode 14, by 90 minutes

MBC’s drama “Wonderful World” will extend its final episode, Episode 14, by 90 minutes.

According to MBC on the 9th, the final episode of “Wonderful World”, Episode 14, will be extended by 90 minutes to address any lingering dissatisfaction with the conclusion. As a result, Episode 13 will air at its usual time of 9:50 PM (KST), while Episode 14 will air 10 minutes earlier at 9:40 PM (KST).

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Wonderful World” (written by Kim Ji-eun, directed by Lee Seung-young and Jung Sang-hwi) is a human mystery drama that follows Eun Soo-hyun (played by Kim Nam-joo), who directly confronts the murderer of her son and unravels the mysteries entangled on that day.

Since its premiere in March, “Wonderful World”, featuring Kim Nam-joo and Cha Eun-woo, has dominated various popularity rankings even before airing. Within just 5 episodes, it achieved a double-digit viewership rating of 10.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea standards), ranking first among all programs aired on Friday, and rose to the top of popular works.

Furthermore, amidst fierce competition with other programs in the same time slot, the drama reached its highest viewership rating of 12.7% (in the Seoul metropolitan area, based on Nielsen Korea standards) by Episode 11, solidifying MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama streak of success. As the drama approaches its end, the attention is focused on the conclusion of ‘Wonderful World’, with only 2 episodes left.

In Episode 12, the shocking revelation of the villainous side of Kim Joon (played by Park Hyuk-kwon) was uncovered. While Soo-hyun and Seon-yul were pursuing the truth behind the deaths of Soo-hyun’s son Geon-woo (played by Lee Jun) and Seon-yul’s mother Eun-min (played by Kang Myung-joo), they discovered within Geon-woo’s tablet the cruel actions of Kim Joon, who caused Geon-woo’s traffic accident and orchestrated his murder by bribing Ji-woong (played by Oh Man-seok) to cover up the drunk driving incident.

Overwhelmed with shock, Soo-hyun and Seon-yul cried upon hearing the recorded evidence, setting the stage for the eagerly awaited conclusion in the last 2 episodes amidst the tumultuous developments.

In relation to this, the production team of “Wonderful World” stated, “Episodes 13 and 14, which will conclude the story, will feature the mysteries that have been hidden so far coming to light, with a focus on the harsh politician Kim Joon and the retribution towards him.

Therefore, as we approach the finale, we have decided to extend the episodes to deliver the characters’ narratives effectively after much consideration. We will repay the viewers’ love by making the final episode more solid.”

Episode 13 of “Wonderful World” will air on the 12th at 9:50 PM (KST), and the final episode, Episode 14, will air 10 minutes earlier on the 13th at 9:40 PM (KST) and will also be available on Disney+.


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