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Yang Hyun-suk mentioned Ahyeon who was supposed to debut in BABYMONSTER

Yang Hyun-suk mentioned Ahyeon, a member who was not able to join the group BABYMONSTER’s debut.

On the 1st, YG Entertainment released a video of the year’s plan announced by executive producer Yang Hyun-suk through BABYMONSTER’s official YouTube channel.

Yang Hyun-suk mentioned Ahyeon, who stopped activities right before BABYMONSTER’s debut.

Yang Hyun-suk explained, “Ahyeon had to stop practicing for a few months due to health reasons. BABYMONSTER’s debut would have to wait until this year, so they debuted with six members on November 27th.”

He then drew attention by mentioning the possibility of Ah-hyeon joining, saying, “It is still unknown when Ah-hyeon will return, so I will announce it publicly at a later date.”

In addition, Yang Hyun-suk, who officially announced the release of BABYMONSTER’s second new song “Stuck In The Middle” on February 1, said, “It is not a hip-hop song. Has YG ever released a song like this before? It is a fresh song that makes you think. Every time I listen to this song, I close my eyes. It feels like I am in a state of weightlessness in outer space. It is a song so good that it can be described as beautiful.”

BABYMONSTER, a girl group introduced by YG 7 years after BLACKPINK, prepared to debut as a 7-member multinational consisting of Korea, Thailand, and Japan, but one of the members, Ahyeon, who was Korean, decided to take a break due to health reasons.

Ahyeon was called ‘Little Jenny’ even before her debut due to her beautiful visuals and outstanding skills, and was considered a key member of the team. However, fans were very disappointed when it became known that she was eventually excluded from the final member, just two weeks before her debut.

At the time, Yang Hyun-suk said, “We are very disappointed that we cannot introduce Ahyeon as a member of BABYMONSTER, but we have made this decision for the artist’s health. We will spare no effort in supporting Ahyeon to fully recover and return in good shape.” As a result, BABYMONSTER got off to a somewhat shaky start due to the postponement of its debut and Ahyeon’s inactivity.

Afterwards, BABYMONSTER debuted as a six-member group without Ahyeon in November of last year and took their first step into the music industry with the digital single “BATTER UP”. They are conducting promotions focusing on their own content without appearing on music broadcasts, so although they are showing record-breaking performance on YouTube and other figures, they are receiving criticism that their public awareness is not yet up to par. While Yang Hyun-suk directly stated that it is still unknown whether Ahyun will be able to recover her health and resume activities in the future, attention is focused on what BABYMONSTER will do in 2024 and whether she will become YG’s relief pitcher to succeed BLACKPINK.


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