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Yoo Ah-in left the court after the second trial swiftly in 30 minutes

“Yoo Ah-in exited the court after the second trial ended swiftly in 30 minutes.

On the morning of the 23rd, the second trial of Yoo Ah-in and his acquaintance, A, who were indicted on charges of violating the law on drug management (psychiatry) was conducted by the Criminal Agreement Division 25-1 of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judges Park Jeong-gil, Park Jeong-je, Ji Gwi-yeon).

On this day, Yoo Ah-in, who cut his hair short, appeared in a suit with his acquaintance A and waited for the trial with a calm expression. The two had a brief conversation with their lawyer and also looked at the audience talking in the courtroom.

The second trial decided on the order of interrogation of the doctor and the teacher involved in Yoo Ah-in’s drug charges. The prosecution and defense discussed the desired order of interrogation and coordinated the timing.

At the first trial, Yoo Ah-in only admitted to the charge of smoking marijuana, and regarding the other charges, he replied, “There are many aspects that are different from the facts of the indictment. I will faithfully explain my case in the upcoming trial.”

At the second trial, when asked about other charges besides marijuana, Yoo Ah-in answered, “I will reveal it in court.”

The hearing lasted about 30 minutes, and when he left, the line in front of the court was drawn up and the passage of ordinary citizens stopped for a moment. Yoo Ah-in walked silently among his reporters and left the courthouse in his car.

Meanwhile, he is accused of habitually administering a total of four types of medical narcotics, including propofol, midazola, ketamine, and remimazolam, on 181 occasions under the pretext of anesthesia for cosmetic procedures. In addition, circumstances such as stealing prescriptions in someone else’s name about 40 times, destroying evidence to an acquaintance, and smoking marijuana as a teacher were also captured.

The third trial will be conducted through interrogation of bystanders and will be held on the afternoon of March 5th.


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