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“Goodbye Earth”: The director mentioned the appearance of Yoo Ah-in

The director of “Goodbye Earth” mentioned the appearance of Yoo Ah-in, who was originally scheduled to appear as a major character.

The production presentation for the Netflix original series “Goodbye Earth” was held at Mondrian Seoul Itaewon in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Director Kim Jin-min and actors Ahn Eun-jin, Jeon Sung-woo, and Kim Yoon-hye attended the event.

“The Fool of the End” is a drama that depicts the story of people living together till the end despite the chaos caused by the impending collision of Earth with an asteroid, which is only 200 days away.

Regarding the delay in the release of “The Fool of the End” due to issues surrounding Yoo Ah-in, who faced controversy last year related to drug allegations, Director Kim Jin-min said, “I never thought that this project would never be released. I didn’t see any reason for it not to be released. It’s not about discussing (Yoo) Ah-in’s issues. If this work wasn’t released, I would have found it strange. It wasn’t because of the issue of one actor.”

He continued, “We worked hard enough, and I don’t think it’s a work that deserves criticism. I can say that without embarrassment.”

Regarding the decision to re-edit Yoo Ah-in’s scenes, he explained, “The issue with Yoo Ah-in arose when we had edited up to around the first three episodes. Initially, we thought it would pass as it wasn’t a complicated situation, but things didn’t go as I expected. Meanwhile, I was about to discuss with Netflix producers about re-editing.”

He further added, “In a way, it was an excuse to re-edit due to the issue with Ah-in. It’s an obligation to minimize discomfort for viewers due to Ah-in’s issue, so we had to edit and adjust the volume of his scenes.”

He concluded, “However, we couldn’t remove this character entirely because this character is too crucial to the flow. I apologize for that. I hope when you watch it, you won’t feel too uncomfortable. I did my best to convince you in many aspects. Some of Yoo Ah-in’s scenes were adjusted, and we had to use necessary parts.”

“Goodbye Earth” will be released on Netflix on the 26th.


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