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Yoo In-na saves her high-value apartment from auction in Yongsan: Maintains 2 billion KRW deposit

It has been revealed that actress Yoo In-na‘s upscale apartment in Yongsan’s Ichon-dong, where she had been living, was put up for auction in April after remaining unresolved since then.

Yoo In-na was residing in the apartment with a 2 billion KRW ($1.6 million USD) deposit, which was then auctioned due to unpaid debts, but the auction was declared invalid.

It has been reported that only on the 7th, the homeowner fully repaid the debts, bringing relief to Yoo In-na. The repayment is expected to be reflected in the court’s auction network next week.

Yoo In-na had been living without issues until her contract’s expiration date on the 7th. However, in April, her house was seized because the homeowner had not paid the 1.44 billion KRW ($1.2 million USD) set as a mortgage. After discovering this situation, Yoo In-na applied for a 2 billion KRW ($1.6 million USD) compensation for the deposit in June.

Although it was not her own property and the mortgage was relatively small compared to the house’s value, it was still a source of anxiety for the tenant. The appraised value of the apartment was 4.413 billion KRW ($3.6 million USD), with land and building prices combined. The unit was sold for 4.72 billion KRW ($3.8 million USD) on the 16th of last month, which is why the minimum bid price of 4.413 billion KRW was considered somewhat high. The current minimum market price is also reportedly around 3.6 to 3.7 billion KRW, lower than the initial minimum bid price.

It is rare for a homeowner with a 400 million KRW ($320,000 USD) property to have it seized due to a lack of 144 million KRW ($120,000 USD). This has led to speculation that there may have been personal reasons for deliberately not repaying the formal mortgage after setting it.


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