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Disney+ Vigilante: Yoo Ji-tae made a powerful entrance with captivating visuals in the Disney+ original series “Vigilante”

Actor Yoo Ji-tae made a powerful entrance with captivating visuals in the Disney+ original series “Vigilante.”

On the 8th, Yoo Ji-tae made his first appearance in the series as “Jo Heon,” the leader of a special investigation team chasing the “Vigilante” that shakes the judicial system.

His appearance immediately drew attention with his intense charisma. “Jo Heon” believes in the ultimate right path, even if there are contradictions in the law, and works with an exceptional sense of mission to maintain the social system.

In episode 2, Jo Heon showcased his overpowering charisma by bending a 500 won coin with his bare hands to deal with a criminal he encountered in an arcade. With just his first appearance, Jo Heon, without any humor, exuded absolute charisma that put everyone on edge.

His overwhelming proportions and the dry gaze of Jo Heon, who deals with evil without respecting the human rights of criminals, captured the viewers’ attention within the “Vigilante” world. The visual impact, coupled with Cho Heon’s dry eyes, hinted at the birth of the most overwhelming character in the “Vigilante” universe.

Yoo Ji-tae, in an earlier interview, expressed his confidence and anticipation for the creation of a Korean superhero story. He believed he could show a stronger side than the characters he had played before.

To perfect the external visuals of Jo Heon, he underwent a weight gain of about 20kg and various exercises. Yoo Ji-tae’s purposeful bulk-up enhances the synchronization with the Jo Heon character, making his appearance alone raise expectations for Jo Heon’s exhilarating actions in “Vigilante” in the future.

“Vigilante” features the story of Kim Ji-yong (played by Nam Joo-hyuk), a model police academy student during the day but a “Vigilante” who judges criminals escaping the law at night. The action thriller unfolds as characters with different purposes fiercely confront each other. It is available every Wednesday on Disney+.

Vigilante (Korean Drama, 2023, 비질란테) @ HanCinema


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