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Yoo Jun-won’s handwritten statement: ‘Understanding Kim Kwang-soo’s phone collection from Fantasy Boys amidst contentious legal battle’

On the afternoon of the 17th, the injunction hearing for the exclusive contract with Funky Studio, filed by Yoo Jun-won, took place at Seoul Western District Court 417.

On this day, Yoo Jun-won, wearing a cap and mask, appeared in person at the hearing. After the lawyers on both sides finished their arguments, he stood up and read a handwritten statement.

Yoo Jun-won stated that the reason for not signing an agreement with Pocket Doll Studio was due to a breakdown in trust caused by the company’s lack of professionalism, not due to profit-sharing rates.

He said, “Even the initial contract was not signed by all members. Chairman Kim Kwang-soo’s action of collecting everyone’s phones without explanation was incomprehensible.”

He further explained, “Pocket Doll insisted on excessive and inflated fixed costs and pressured us to sign the contract by saying, ‘If you don’t agree to the company’s contract conditions, you can leave the group,’ instead of settling the fixed costs and asking for reimbursement, which was rejected by our side.”

According to Yoo Jun-won, this led to a loss of trust and an irreparable situation.

However, Funky Studio countered with the claim that the current creditors’ party is arguing only two things through the application.

They said, “They are still saying, ‘It’s unfair,’ ‘They made unreasonable demands,’ but they cannot explain what is unfair about the subsidiary agreement that the debtor provided. There is no part other than the cost-related part. Even if you look at the contents again, there is no unfair content at all. The debtor provided the subsidiary agreement based on the standard contract published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Even if you look at the contents again, there is no unfair content at all. Cost calculation shows that it is about KRW 2.7 million per month. That is not every month but if there is revenue. That is, the company will deduct from there. Even in the standard contract, it is based on deduction and distribution. There is no evidence that it is unfair to say that. The claimant says it’s unfair, but I can’t see any basis for it. Furthermore, they said it’s unfair that they are going to Japan even though the exclusive contract was not signed. However, it was decided to go to Japan from the time of the contract, so why are they going? This is unfair.”

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After the trial, Yoo Jun-won’s side stated to Star News, “At present, the other party’s statement came out too late, so we also requested a deadline, and we plan to submit written materials that can sufficiently prove it. This is about the legal aspect, and we will decide on media response or external relations through consultation.”

Yoo Jun-won won the 1st place in the MBC survival audition ‘Boy Fantasy – After-school Heart-throbbing Season 2’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Boy Fantasy’), which ended in June, and was scheduled to debut as a member of the 12-member rookie boy group Fantasy Boys on September 21.

However, on August 23, Funky Studio, the production company of ‘Boy Fantasy,’ and Pocket Doll Studio, which received management, announced that they could not continue group activities due to Yoo Jun-won’s unauthorized departure and that Fantasy Boys would be reorganized with 11 members.

Later, Fantasy Boys stated that Yoo Jun-won and his parents repeatedly discussed the content of the agreement, arguing for a revision of the rate of profit distribution when compared to other members, based on the fact that he won first place in the program.

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In response, Yoo Jun-won’s side publicly released the subsidiary agreement presented by Funky Studio and Pocket Doll Studio, and said, “We wanted an amicable agreement, but it became an arduous battle. We reached a point where we could not sign the contract because of the company’s demanding excessive fixed costs and pressuring us to sign the contract by requesting a revision of unfavorable clauses such as golf entertainment expenses, PR expenses, and accounting team personnel expenses.”

With both sides presenting sharply conflicting claims, Funky Studio eventually filed a lawsuit against Yoo Jun-won for damages amounting to KRW 3 billion with Seoul Central District Court on September 13.

Furthermore, although the hearing for the injunction to suspend the effect of the exclusive contract between Yoo Jun-won and Funky Studio was originally scheduled for September 19, it has been postponed to October 17. The two sides are still engaged in mutual accusations regarding the postponed date.


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