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Yook Sungjae has officially launched his YouTube channel

Yook Sungjae has officially launched his YouTube channel and started communicating with fans.

Yook Sungjae opened his official YouTube channel “YookCanDoIt” and grabbed fans’ attention by uploading his first video.

The first video commemorating the channel’s opening was a vocal cover video showcasing Yook Sungjae’s solid vocal skills. He chose “Beautiful Things” by American singer-songwriter Benson Boone, and from the introduction, he captivated listeners with his powerful rendition of the song.

Yook Sungjae displayed a high level of perfection with his dual vocal tones, blending toughness and sweetness simultaneously as he continued singing. While maintaining the emotional trajectory of the original song, he added his own sensibility and delivered ‘Beautiful Things’ with a powerful voice, climaxing with explosive high notes that thrilled the listeners.

As an actor who is also beloved, he not only impressed fans with his vocals but also with his rising visuals and deep emotional expressions that are characteristic of an actor. As a multi-entertainer, fans are eagerly anticipating what other charms he will showcase in the future.

Starting with the vocal cover video released on that day, he plans to communicate more closely with fans through his official YouTube channel “YookCanDoIt” by presenting various content.

Meanwhile, having signed an exclusive contract with media content production company I Will Media, he is scheduled to engage in active activities in various fields, and he is set to meet fans through the BTOB solo concert “OUR DREAM” from the 22nd to the 24th.

Listen to Yook Sungjae’s cover here!


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