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The youngest members of NCT WISH, Ryo and Sakuya, were revealed

The youngest members of the group NCT WISH, Ryo and Sakuya, were revealed.

NCT WISH‘s agency SM Entertainment introduced Ryo and Sakuya, born in 2007, on the 26th.

Ryo is a member with solid skills in various fields, and in the final mission of “NCT Universe: LASTART”, he perfectly performed NCT U’s “90’s Love”.

BoA praised Ryo for his his stage manners. The energy was good. The song itself was like Ryo’s performance,” and received rave reviews from Eunhyuk, who said, “I think it completed and led the overall color.”

Ryo left a clear impression on viewers with his refreshing and lively charm on the NCT DREAM “Chewing Gum” stage, the first mission together with Sakuya.

Sakuya, who is the same age as Ryo, is a member with an impressive low-pitched voice and powerful rap, and showed off her confident appearance on stage.

Leeteuk, who saw this, gave favorable reviews, saying, “It’s not easy to smile on stage, but I thoroughly enjoyed the performance,” and to Johnny, “His role in evoking the mood of the song stood out,” proving his infinite potential.

Sakuya is a fresh-faced girl off stage, but has a unique charm that shows off her confident facial expressions on stage. At the same time, she plans to capture the hearts of not only the members but also fans with her innocent and cute side as the youngest member.

NCT WISH is scheduled to debut on February 21st. The team with the catchphrase “WISH for OUR WISH” consists of six members: Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee, Ryo, and Sakuya.


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