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ZEROBASEONE, debuts and becomes a ‘million seller’ in just one day?: A First in K-Pop!

ZEROBASEONE has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a ‘million seller’ just one day after their debut, making it a first in the K-pop industry.

On the day of their debut, ZEROBASEONE’s album sales skyrocketed, surpassing one million copies in a short period. This achievement is a significant milestone for a rookie group, as it demonstrates their immense popularity and strong support from fans.

ZEROBASEONE’s debut album has received positive reviews for its high-quality music, impressive performances, and captivating concept. The group’s talent, hard work, and dedication have paid off, resulting in this extraordinary accomplishment.

As a ‘million seller,’ ZEROBASEONE has joined the ranks of K-pop’s top-selling artists, solidifying their position in the industry. Their success serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and sets a new standard for debut achievements in K-pop.

Fans and the music industry are eagerly anticipating ZEROBASEONE’s future activities, expecting them to continue their rise and make further contributions to the vibrant K-pop scene.

Author Nat.O
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