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A surprise confession on ‘Beat Coin’: 2PM’s Junho captures Hong Jin-kyung’s heart:

Model-turned-entrepreneur and TV personality Hong Jin-kyung recently revealed her significant fan admiration for 2PM member and actor Junho on ‘Beat Coin’.

On the episode of KBS2’s ‘Beat Coin,’ which aired on the 12th, Hong Jin-kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo-jae, and Jang Woo-young visited a pension in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province to shoot the music video for UNVS’s ‘NEVER.’

In the episode, Hong Jin-kyung, who was waiting her turn, expressed concern: “Woo-young really lost weight after the concert. I think he’ll lose 3kg every time he performs.”

She asked, “Did you watch 2PM’s concert?” to which Joo Woo-jae replied, “I watched it through videos.”

Hong Jin-kyung then said, “Woo-young is really… first of all, Woo-young is so cool,” and after cautiously looking around, she continued, “Junho is really cool. I have a crush on my superior…”

Hearing this, Kim Sook jokingly responded, “Hey, what about Woo-young,” to which Hong Jin-kyung replied, “Of course, Woo-young is cool. I just find it a bit difficult after watching the concert.”

However, Joo Woo-jae seemed puzzled and asked, “Did he treat you poorly?” Hong Jin-kyung said, “Hold on, let me finish talking about Junho. I should say a few words about Woo-young first.”

Hong Jin-kyung then continued, “Okay, I’m done talking about Woo-young. Junho… I’ve completely fallen for him. I didn’t know. I had no thoughts about him until ‘Beat Coin.’ Because I didn’t watch any dramas. Wow… I didn’t know. Why didn’t I realize this person’s charm in the show? I had no thoughts at the time.”

At that moment, Jang Woo-young appeared. Kim Sook teased him, saying, “Jin-kyung says she fell in love with you after watching 2PM’s concert,” but Jang Woo-young detected something odd about the situation.

Then, Kim Sook said, “Give Junho’s phone number. I have something to talk to him about,” making Jang Woo-young appear jealous. The atmosphere at the scene lightened up with laughter.

‘Beat Coin’ is a unique variety program in which the destinies of Hong Jin-kyung and Kim Sook change with Hong’s and Kim’s coins.

Prime Video: Beat Coin


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