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“Home Sweet”: NewJeans is proceeding with their comeback schedule as planned amidst the conflict between HYBE and ADOR

NewJeans is proceeding with their comeback schedule with “Home Sweet” as planned amidst the conflict between HYBE and ADOR.

On the 26th, NewJeans unveiled the jacket photo of “Home Sweet” through official social networking services. In the photo, as always, NewJeans captivated attention with their natural charm that is not exaggerated yet stands out with a unique aura.

The five members showcased various styling with short hair, bold colors, strong curls, along with accessories like hats, headbands, and sunglasses. NewJeans’ originality, which cannot be defined by a single standardized concept, shines brightly in this album.

NewJeans’ double single “How Sweet” will be released in two versions: a regular version and a Weverse version, with a packshot that allows you to see the physical album as is also revealed, attracting attention. Among these, the LP-sized outbox of the regular version, featuring members’ portraits, stands out.

NewJeans previously garnered explosive responses by releasing albums designed in the form of a circular bag for their first EP “New Jeans” and a beach bag for their second EP “Get Up”. Anticipation is high for this double single that evokes analog nostalgia. Additionally, various components such as an interview book, photobook, mini poster, sticker pack, photocards, postcards, and bookmarks, imbued with NewJeans’ adorable charm, further enhance fans’ desire to own them.

Collaborating once again with the famous American animation “The Powerpuff Girls”, the Weverse version is adorable and lively. The combination of NewJeans and “The Powerpuff Girls”, first introduced in “Get Up”, has already gained immense popularity among Z-generation fans worldwide. Expectations are high for a response as enthusiastic as that for the regular version, given the energetic yet timeless charm of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ that aligns well with NewJeans’ image.

NewJeans received accolades for presenting a new paradigm in K-pop with their diverse and fresh music and groundbreaking concepts right after their debut in July 2022.

From their debut songs “Hype Boy”, “Attention” to “Ditto”, “OMG”, “Super Shy”, and “ETA”, most of their releases have become mega hits. They achieved the fastest ascent to the top of the Billboard 200 and entered the Hot 100 with five songs without significant local activities in the largest pop market in the world, the United States.

Moreover, NewJeans will release a new double single in Japan in June and will perform at the Tokyo Dome. Ahead of this, they will collaborate with the large shopping mall Shibuya 109 in Tokyo from today until the 19th of next month.

During this period, a pop-up store selling NewJeans official merchandise that caused a sellout frenzy will open, and a special campaign commemorating the 45th anniversary of Shibuya 109’s opening will take place. Starting from the 1st of next month, a large photo of NewJeans will be displayed on the exterior wall of Shibuya 109.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ new double single “How Sweet” is scheduled to be released on the 24th of next month. It will feature the title track “How Sweet”, the track “Bubble Gum”, and instrumental versions of each song, totaling four tracks.


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