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HYBE vs ADOR: Are NewJeans on the side of Min Hee-jin?

Are NewJeans on the side of Min Hee-jin?

Amidst the intense internal conflict within HYBE and its subsidiary label ADOR, attention has been drawn to a post by NewJeansHyein seemingly supporting in Hee-jin, who claims that everything is due to the “ILLIT’s New Jeans copy incident.”

Hyein posted several photos on NewJeans’ fan communication community, PHONING, on March 25. Among these photos is one depicting Haerin lying down, with very small text in the photo saying “stop copying.”

The issue lies with the date of the photo’s posting. This day marked the debut of ILLIT, with their first mini-album “Super Real Me” and title track “Magnetic.” The reason this previously unnoticed photo is now receiving attention is because Min Hee-jin, who oversees everything about NewJeans, is currently facing backlash for claiming similarities between New Jeans and ILLIT, labeling New Jeans as a derivative.

Various interpretations have arisen regarding Hyein’s “stop copying” message. Some argue it was directed towards ILLIT’s debut, while others suggest it was directed towards Haerin, who was wearing similar clothes.

Regardless of Hyein’s true intentions behind the post, it has caused significant repercussions. While the central point of contention in this situation was that NewJeans and Min Hee-jin should be viewed separately, this post appears to target Min Hee-jin in relation to ILLIT, proving that “New Jeans Mom” and “New Jeans” are not easily separable.

With the escalating conflict between HYBE and Min Hee-jin, there is also keen interest in NewJeans’ actions leading up to their comeback. It is known that members of NewJeans have maintained a strong bond with Min Hee-jin. Min Hee-jin has often emphasized in various media outlets the strong connection between herself, the members of NewJeans, and even their parents, equating herself and NewJeans with each other amid New Jeans’ popularity.

Meanwhile, HYBE is currently undertaking an audit of the ADOR management team. The audit team has seized control of ADOR’s management area, reclaiming the company’s IT assets and proceeding to secure face-to-face statements.

HYBE suspects that Vice President A and others are attempting to gain control of the management rights independently. ADOR, which holds an 80% stake in HYBE, is a label established by Min Hee-jin in 2021, with the remaining 20% held by the ADOR management team.


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