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EXO’s D.O. has been fined for smoking an electronic cigarette indoors in an MBC waiting room, sparking controversy

In August, during an EXO YouTube content video, D.O. was captured appearing to smoke indoors in an MBC waiting room. In the video, D.O. can be seen in the waiting room, producing smoke while grooming his clothes, leading netizens to suspect that he was smoking.

According to the National Health Promotion Act, smoking in non-smoking areas is subject to a fine of up to 100,000 KRW (approximately $85 USD). A netizen reported D.O.’s indoor smoking-related complaint to the Mapo-gu Health Center and shared the response.

The Health Center stated, “Although Mr Doh Kyung Soo (D.O’s real name) used an electronic cigarette without nicotine in a broadcast company building, it is a situation where it cannot be proven that there is no nicotine in the product based on the ingredient description and manual of the product, so a fine was imposed.” They added that the person involved, as a public figure, promised to comply with the law sincerely in the future.

However, netizens’ reactions have been cold. Smoking in non-smoking areas is clearly illegal, and even if it was an electronic cigarette, it inconvenienced other members and staff who shared the waiting room. As a result, there is interest in whether D.O.’s agency will make a statement.

Meanwhile, singer Lim Young Woong was also fined 100,000 KRW for indoor smoking in 2021. He apologized, saying, “I have caused great pain and disappointment to my fans. I should have been more responsible in every moment, but I fell short. I will reflect on today as a lesson and strive to become a mature person. I will engrave the criticism and discipline you send me deep in my heart.”


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