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Anticipating the heartfelt reunion of ‘Lovers’: ‘Lovers’ Part 2 promises new beginnings and powerful emotions

MBC’s eagerly awaited ‘Lovers’ Part 2 is finally unveiling on the 13th of October.

MBC’s weekend drama ‘Lovers’ (planned by Hong Seok-woo, directed by Kim Seong-yong, Lee Han-jun, and written by Hwang Jin-young) is a human historical melodrama that deals with the love of lovers that diverge during the Byeongjahoran and the vitality of the people. Part 1 of ‘Lovers,’ which was first broadcast in August 2023, was highly praised for its compelling storytelling, valuable dialogue, delicate yet powerful directing, strong scale, overwhelming acting by the cast, and high quality. With this, ‘Lovers’ Part 1 recorded a high rating of 12.2% (Nielsen Korea nationwide) and became the king of all Friday-Saturday dramas.

Returning one month after the end of Part 1, ‘Lovers’ Part 2 promises a more intense story. Director Kim Seong-yong, actors Namgoong Min (as Lee Jang-hyun), Ahn Eun-jin (as Yoo Gil-cha), Lee Hak-joo (as Nam Yeon-jun), and Lee Da-in (as Kyung Eun-ae) each revealed the main points to look forward to in Part 2.

Director Kim Seong-yong said, “In Part 2, we expect that the tightly built emotional narratives of the characters in Part 1 will shine. The biggest focal point is unfortunately, the part where Jang Hyun and Gil Chae, who sadly parted ways, will reunite and the subsequent development of their relationship.” He added, “In Part 2, the story of the people who lived in the Qing Dynasty after being dragged away after Byeongjahoran is expected to unfold in earnest. Even in the painful history, the stories of the people who survived and struggled will be something that can be effective for those living in the present. I also think that this is another point to look out for in Part 2.”

Namkoong Min, who radiated a powerful charm in Part 1, making Korea tremble with the ‘Jang Hyun Syndrome’, mentioned, “The biggest focal point of ‘Lovers’ Part 2 might be the direction of Jang Hyun and Gil Chae’s love story. I would be grateful if many people would watch over what kind of story awaits the Jang-Chae couple, who receive a lot of love from many people.”

Ahn Eun-jin, who portrayed the character of Gil-cha with a cute girl’s appearance, showed growth as a strong and independent woman, saying, “It seems that you can peek into the lives of the people after the Byeongjahoran that you couldn’t see anywhere else. Among them, the unattainable love between Jang Hyun and Gil Chae, who tried to protect each other, seems to be a focal point.”

Lee Hak-joo, who showed the inner conflict of a man who hesitates between ideals and reality, mentioned, “Part 2 deals with the realistic stories of the people after the war. Inside a heartbreaking situation, the deep story of Jang Hyun and Gil Chae’s love and Yeon-jun’s regret, which becomes stronger, will unfold. Please watch a ‘Lovers’ that has deep stories that can only be seen in ‘Lovers.'”

Lastly, Lee Da-in, who perfectly portrayed the character of Gyeong Eun-ae with deep and mature acting, said, “From Part 1 to Part 2 of ‘Lovers,’ time flows in the drama, and Eun-ae also grows a lot and moves forward. The heart-wrenching love story within, depicting the more mature and wiser Eun-ae, is expected to provide great enjoyment for the viewers.”

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Director Kim Seong-yong and actors Namkoong Min, Ahn Eun-jin, Lee Hak-joo, and Lee Da-in have pointed out the love story between Jang Hyun and Gil Chae and the story of people who survived and struggled after Byeongjahoran as the focal points of ‘Lovers’ Part 2. Their dedicated efforts as one heart to create a better drama and a more resonant drama can be seen, and we are all curious and looking forward to what kind of result was born from the efforts of the ‘Lovers’ production team and actors.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Lovers’ Part 2, Episodes 11 and 12, will be extended to 90 minutes. As a result, ‘Lovers’ Episodes 11 and 12 will be broadcast 10 minutes earlier than usual, at 9:40 PM (KST) on Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14.


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