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“BEAUTIFUL SHADOW”: ONF released their 8th mini-album through various music streaming sites

 ONF released their 8th mini-album “BEAUTIFUL SHADOW” through various music streaming sites.

ONF‘s newly released album “BEAUTIFUL SHADOW”, approximately six months after their 7th mini-album “LOVE EFFECT” from last October, showcases a distinctly different dark mood and emotional yet powerful music, continuing ONF’s career with solid world-building and high-quality music.

During the two-day solo concert “2024 ONF CONCERT [SPOTLIGHT] IN SEOUL” held on the 6th and 7th, ONF premiered their title track “Bye My Monster” and the track “Breath, Haze & Shadow”, receiving explosive responses with overwhelming performances and vocal skills. Following its release on April 8th at 6 PM (KST), the album received positive reactions from domestic and international fans, reaching the top spot on Bugs real-time charts. Through their agency WM Entertainment, ONF shared their thoughts on the release of their 8th mini-album “BEAUTIFUL SHADOW” and comeback-related stories in a Q&A format.

Listen to ONF’s “Bye My Monster” here!

**Q. Please share your thoughts on the release of the 8th mini-album ‘BEAUTIFUL SHADOW’.**

Hyojin: This 8th mini-album feels different from our 7th mini-album ‘LOVE EFFECT’ released last October. I’ve been wanting to try a dark concept again after my military service, so I’m really happy and looking forward to it!

E-Tion: This album encapsulates the duality of love in ONF’s style. I believe you’ll be able to feel the matured charm of ONF even more. We put a lot of effort and anticipation into this album, so please show it lots of love!

Seungjoon: ‘BEAUTIFUL SHADOW’ contains deeper emotions of ONF. We prepared while exploring new aspects of emotional expression through both music and stage performances. I hope you enjoy not only our songs but also our performances.

Wyatt: I’m even more excited because this is a wonderful album that we’ve perfected for our Fuses. You can expect to see a different side of ONF. Please show us lots of love!

MK: I’m really looking forward to coming back with a dark concept after a long time. I’ve been eager to show our Fuses as soon as possible.

U: I was excited to return with a dark concept after a long time. I was thrilled to create new memories with fans and worked hard to prepare. Through this 8th mini-album activity, we will show you ONF’s powerful and beautiful stages like never before!

**Q. Please describe the overall concept of the album.**

Hyojin: ‘BEAUTIFUL SHADOW’ expresses the duality of love through light and shadow, and the pure love contained within, in our unique poetic style. We put efforts into capturing ONF’s expanded musical world.

**Q. This is your second album after completing military service. What kind of album is it for the members?**

Hyojin: I hope this album receives love from many people, as it contains really good songs. We will do our best in our activities!

E-Tion: It’s our first time presenting such a sentimental and dark music after completing our military service. We worked hard to show a more mature and cool side of ourselves. Please show a lot of interest.

Seungjoon: We always put a lot of effort into performances and songs to show a good side of ourselves in every album. I think this album is filled with ONF’s sincerity, so we want to show our stage to many people.

Wyatt: I’m even more excited because it’s a wonderful album that raises the perfection for our Fuses. I think you can see a different side of ONF. Please show lots of love!

MK: I’ve been looking forward to making a comeback with a refreshing feeling and a different dark concept. I wanted to show this to Fuses as soon as possible.

U: I was excited to return with a dark concept after a long time. I was thrilled to create new memories with fans and worked hard to prepare. Through this 8th mini-album activity, we will show you ONF’s powerful and beautiful stages like never before!

**Q. Please introduce the title track ‘Bye My Monster’.**

Seungjoon: ‘Bye My Monster’ is a pop dance song with a classic atmosphere and intense band sound. It quotes the theme of Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No.2, III. Adagio to give a grand feeling. Each member’s lyrics are connected like a story, and you can feel a powerful immersion with sentimental and powerful vocals, rap, and harmonies.

**Q. What are the listening points of ‘Bye My Monster’?**

E-Tion: We infused a dark ONF style into the classical part in the middle of the title track. You might feel it’s unique due to the combination of sentimental classical elements with intense sounds.

U: I think the listening point is the interlude after the chorus. The instrumental sounds are so beautiful and if you listen carefully, you can hear piano sounds, making it feel like listening to an artwork. Also, the continuous strings create a wonderful overall atmosphere, giving a healing feeling.

**Q. Did you specially prepare or focus on anything for this album due to the changed concept?**

Hyojin: We paid a lot of attention to the performances because they are really impressive. I think you’ll be more immersed in the music while watching the performances.

E-Tion: Since this concept is completely opposite to refreshing, we focused more on intense performances to help you forget what you saw in the 7th mini-album.

Seungjoon: We focused the most on ‘concept’ and ‘lyrics’. We put a lot of effort into choreography, facial expressions, and atmosphere changes that represent the duality of love.

Wyatt: I practiced a lot to show a perfect performance. I also listened to a lot of music to enhance my expressive skills and participated actively in the production.

MK: I thought that performance was the most important during the preparation for this album. I practiced detailed dancing and exercises to build stamina.

U: I put a lot of effort into preparing the choreography for the title track ‘Bye My Monster’. It’s a different feeling from the choreography styles we’ve done before, so I paid attention to hand details and the focus of all six members’ gazes. I’m glad to perform on stage with dancers again, and I’m pleased to present a more grand performance.

**Q. Wyatt and MK’s participation in songwriting stands out. What aspects did you consider during the process?**

Wyatt: I usually participated more in lyrics, but this time, I also participated in composing. The song ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ was made considering the unique characteristics that only ONF can express. Monotree also helped a lot to raise the completeness.

MK: I participated in composing ‘Aphrodite’. Unlike the refreshing and unique charm of the 7th mini-album, I tried to show a new feeling. I focused on a pop-like feeling during the work.

**Q. You premiered the new song stages at the solo concert before the release. How was the experience?**

Hyojin: I was really happy to hold a concert after a long time. I was excited and looking forward to showing new songs during practice. I was worried, but thankfully, Fuses loved it a lot, and I also felt good.

E-Tion: I was excited and happy to hold a solo concert after a long time and hear the fans’ cheers. It was a new experience for us to perform a pre-release stage since our debut.

Seungjoon: I was happy to communicate with Fuses and perform at the concert. It was a special stage to show our new song to Fuses first, and I was thrilled.

Wyatt: I was happy that we could show a lot as we prepared a lot with members. It was fortunate to keep the promise with our Fuses. I was nervous, but I enjoyed the concert.

MK: I think Fuses would have had high expectations since it was a solo concert after a long time. I was happy and excited to show various stages and new song stages to Fuses.

U: I was very happy that we could show it to fans before the album release. I was nervous because it was the first time, but I think I showed the stage well, and the passionate response from the fans was thrilling!

**Q. Do you have any goals you want to achieve through this album?**

Hyojin: I hope that through this album, many people will take an interest in our group ‘ONF’, and we can have more Fuses.

Seungjoon: We take pride in ONF’s songs, so our goal is to have them known to more people and sweep the music charts.

**Q. What message do you want to convey to your fans about your future activities?**

Hyojin: We want to communicate and perform not only domestically but also internationally. We will work hard to bring happiness to you all through various activities. Please look forward to it and support us!

E-Tion: I think we’ll have more opportunities to show our stages to Fuses in various countries. Please wait for us as we work hard. Leave this year to us too!

Seungjoon: I want to continue making fun memories with Fuses, creating enjoyable content every day. Please stay with us, Fuses! We love you!

Wyatt: We want to be a good gift and support for our Fuses. We will work harder to create more days to spend together. Let’s make more memories together. We love you.

MK: We worked hard to show good performances in this activity, so please support us a lot. Thank you, always, dear Fuses!

U: Even after this activity ends, we will continue to create opportunities to meet fans. I hope you always enjoy being with us! We love you!=


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