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Park Min-young’s confident response to her ex-boyfriend issue and going to the wrap-up party led to the success of “Marry My Husband”

Park Min-young’s confident response to the re-emerged ex-boyfriend issue, saying, “I’m sick of it,” and even going out to the wrap-up party, actually led to the success of the currently airing drama, “Marry My Husband”.

On the 15th, the viewership rating for episode 5 of the vN Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband” starring Park Min-young recorded an average of 8.0% and a peak of 8.6% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 7.4% and a peak of 8.1% for households nationwide, both in the metropolitan area and nationwide.

It ranked first in the same time slot on all channels and broke its own record for average viewer ratings in the metropolitan area (based on paid platforms integrating cable, IPTV, and satellite.

Park Min-young also made her mark as an actress. In the V-OTT integrated drama topicality survey, Park Min-young’s drama “Marry My Husband” ranked first for two consecutive weeks. At the same time, her protagonist, Park Min-young, also topped the Most Popular Actor category for two consecutive weeks.

According to the results of the second week of January survey announced by FUNdex, the official platform of Good Data Corporation, a K-content competitiveness research agency, “Marry My Husband” increased topicality by more than 50% compared to last week, ranking second. The gap widened.

In terms of topicality, Na In-woo and Song Ha-yoon ranked second and third, following Park Min-young.

On this day, “Marry My Husband” marked the beginning of a full-fledged romance with Na In-woo finally confessing her feelings to Park Min-young.

The two had a relationship in the past when they first met in college. In particular, Jeong Soo-min (played by Song Ha-yoon) persistently begged and pressured Kang Ji-won to include her in the meal kit plan.

To make matters worse, Manager Kim Kyung-wook (played by Kim Jung-hee) faced another crisis when he tried to insert his name into Kang Ji-won’s plan and revealed his intention to steal it.

Dispatch Reveals Actress Park Min Young Lied About Financial Ties With Controversial Ex-Boyfriend - Koreaboo

On the 15th, reports broke out that Park Min-young was dating her ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun and that she received 250 million won in cash for her living expenses, leading to predictions that she may be having a negative impact on the popular drama.

However, Park Min-young immediately said through her agency, “Although 250 million won was deposited into an account under a borrowed name, it was not used for Park Min-young’s living expenses,” and added, “Park Min-young’s reputation has been repeatedly damaged by raising groundless suspicions.

“I hope it doesn’t happen,” he said. She also posted on her SNS, “Sick of it all. But I believe that the truth always works, and now I have a strong heart to protect the beans. Don’t worry,” and declared her innocence. He claimed and expressed his displeasure.

Afterwards, she walked confidently. She confidently attended the currently airing “Marry My Husband” wrap-up party and stood in front of reporters with a relaxed smile.

On this day, Dispatch reported, “Park Min-young received 250 million won in cash support while dating Kang Jong-hyun,” and “We confirmed that Kang Jong-hyun’s company money was deposited into Park Min-young’s personal account.”

At the same time, citing the prosecution’s indictment, she reported the circumstances in which Kang Jong-hyun withdrew money from an affiliate company in the form of a loan, and the money flowed into Park Min-young’s account through a three-step process.

The prosecutor’s indictment obtained by the media states, “Kang Jong-Hyun transferred 250 million won of company funds kept for business purposes to a Shinhan Bank account in the name of CEO OO under the name of CEO loan, and then transferred it to a Woori Bank account in the name of Park Min-Young and used it arbitrarily for living expenses, etc.”

Meanwhile, Kang Jong-hyun is accused of conspiring with his younger brother, CEO Ji-yeon Kang, from 2020 to September 2022 to embezzle about 62.8 billion won from Bithumb affiliates and make unfair profits by manipulating stock prices. He was arrested and indicted on charges of breach of trust and embezzlement under the Aggravated Punishment for Specific Economic Crimes Act and fraudulent and illegal transactions under the Capital Markets Act, and is currently being tried while recently released on bail.

Park Min-young, her girlfriend at the time, was also investigated by the prosecution as a witness to this case in February last year. Just two days after reports of her and Kang Jong-hyun’s relationship were reported, Park Min-young quickly broke up, saying she “broke up” and emphasized that “it is absolutely not true that she received any financial support.” Her older sister also announced that she resigned as an outside director of Biogen immediately after the controversy.

Afterwards, Park Min-young recently made a comeback with the tvN drama “Marry My Husband” and said at the production presentation, “It was a year when my body, health, and mental health suffered a lot. In fact, it was a short time, but I spent the whole time regretting it. I had an EEG test at a psychiatrist. “When I did it, the ‘guilt’ was enough to raise a red red flag,” she said, expressing her distress over the controversy related to her ex-boyfriend.


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