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“Planet Nine: Isotropy”: ONEWE’s Yonghoon has revealed that he felt the advantages of military service while preparing for a new album

ONEWE’s Yonghoon has revealed that he felt the advantages of military service while preparing for a new album called “Planet Nine: Isotropy.”

Prior to the release of their 3rd mini-album “Planet Nine: Isotropy” on the 17th, ONEWE conducted a comeback interview with Ilgan Sports at a cafe in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, on the 14th.

Yonghoon talked about his military service, saying, “I can say now that it’s over, but it feels like it passed by quickly,” and added, “During our activities, I only focused on the future, but in the military, I had a lot of new experiences. I saw stars in the military and used them to create new songs, so it wasn’t all bad.”

Similarly, Kanghyun mentioned the benefits of his military service, saying, “I had a lot of time to think, which was good. After discharge, I had time to plan our activities and write lyrics. I also feel mentally stronger.”

“Planet Nine: Isotropy” is an extension of ONEWE’s unique music universe, the “Planet Nine” series. Like “isotropy,” which means maintaining identity despite changing conditions, the album encapsulates ONEWE’s identity while showcasing a more developed musical world.

The artistic universe of “Planet Nine,” which expresses stars, planets, and the universe, is loved by fans as “ONEWE’s unique scientific sensibility.” Kanghyun mentioned, “I gained strength from monitoring comments. It wasn’t initially intentional, but because fans loved that sentiment, I worked on lyrics to give them even more meaning.”

He further revealed, “The original title of the self-composed song ‘Shoot It Out’ was ‘Quantum Mechanics.’ As a result, the lyrics became too difficult, so I changed the title and wrote the lyrics around the theme of sharing love with you in a parallel universe.”

Yonghoon pointed out “maturity” as a difference from their previous work. Dongmyeong added, “Our unique music color, the theme of this album, ‘isotropy,’ remains unchanged from two years ago, but I think we’ve matured. Even if we deal with the same theme, I feel we’ve deepened our thoughts, which represents personal and musical growth.”

The album includes 6 tracks including the title song “Beautiful Ashes,” “Shoot It Out,” “Meteor Shower on a Midsummer Night,” “Count the Stars,” “Kiss in the Rain,” and “Nice to Meet You Again,” all of which are composed by the members themselves, raising fans’ expectations as a band they can trust.

ONEWE’s 3rd mini-album “Planet Nine: Isotropy” will be released on various music streaming sites at noon on the 17th.


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