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Simon Dominic is leaving AOMG

Simon Dominic is leaving AOMG.

Simon Dominic recently decided to terminate his exclusive contract with AOMG.

He has been one of the iconic figures of AOMG. He joined the label in 2014 after Jay Park established AOMG in 2013, and has served as co-CEO alongside him, remaining with the company for the past 10 years.

Amidst the resignations of CEO DJ Pumpkin and the departure of several prominent artists from AOMG, including Gray, Woo Won-jae, Lee Hi, and G.Soul, his departure from the label also draws attention.

Simon Dominic debuted in 2005 and was active as part of the group Supreme Team from 2007. He is currently known as a solo artist and regarded as a star representing Korean hip-hop. Besides his music activities, he has been actively participating in various entertainment programs.


Author Nat.O
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