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“The Fiery Priest 2”: Sung Joon is joining SBS’s new drama as a new villain

Sung Joon is joining SBS’s new drama “The Fiery Priest 2” as a new villain.

Sung Joon will appear in “The Fiery Priest 2”, scheduled to premiere in the latter half of this year. Sung Joon, joining as a new villain, is expected to showcase intense antagonist acting as a hidden weapon in ‘Hot Blooded Priest 2’.

“The Fiery Priest 2” depicts the story of Kim Hae-il (played by Kim Nam-gil), a passionate and justice-driven priest, as he heads to Busan to chase down a drug case that erupted from Gudamgu, presenting an ‘extreme cooperation, no nonsense comical investigative drama’.

In addition to the main character Kim Hae-il played by Kim Nam-gil, many actors from Season 1 such as Lee Honey as Park Kyung-sun and Kim Sung-kyun as Koo Dae-young will return. Moreover, a new face, BIBI, joins as the passionate narcotics detective in Busan, with a script reading session completed on the 18th.

Sung Joon transformed into a forsaken person cast away by the world in tvN’s “Island” in 2021, showcasing a new charm despite challenging the first fantasy genre antagonist role. Last year, in Disney+’s “Call It Love”, he played the mysterious best friend role Yoon Joon, demonstrating his unique presence as a romance expert.

With expectations soaring for ‘Hot Blooded Priest 2’, drawn once again by Kim Nam-gil and Lee Honey, attention is already focused on Sung Joon as he takes on the role of a new villain, wondering what kind of wickedness he will portray.


Author Nat.O
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