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The case of “I Live Alone” are preparing for a body profile photoshoot

Jeon Hyun-moo, Park Na-rae, and Lee Jang-woo have successfully completed their diets and are finally preparing for a body profile photoshoot for “I Live Alone”.

In the episode of the MBC entertainment program “I Live Alone” that aired on the 19th, a preview for the next episode was shown. It is anticipated that the members will reveal the results of their diets by participating in a body profile photoshoot led by Lee Jang-woo.

This decision followed Lee Jang-woo’s declaration at the MBC Entertainment Awards that “Our ‘FamYuz’ will lose weight. Accordingly, the three members have been focusing on their diets for the past four months with the goal of a body profile photoshoot.

Finally, in this episode, the first body presentation was held, and the members confidently headed to the studio with determination. Even in the waiting room, the three members did not stop exercising, raising expectations for the transformations they would reveal.

Park Na-rae briefly expressed feeling overwhelmed by the grand scale of the studio, saying, “It was too burdensome.” However, she quickly put on a crop top and proudly showed off her toned muscles and firm upper body, attracting attention. Jeon Hyun-moo and Lee Jang-woo also surprised everyone by revealing their muscular thighs as they took off their tops.

Throughout the photoshoot, FamYuz continued to endure the pain of rigorous exercise and dieting. Jeon Hyun-moo shared, “I worked out hard until the end. Honestly, it was really tough.” Park Na-rae also confessed, “My stamina was depleted continuously, and I felt like crying.”

However, with the slight unveiling of their body profiles, the success of their diets was hinted. Jeon Hyun-moo expressed satisfaction, saying, “Today’s body profile is a miracle to me.” Viewers are now eager to see the impressive transformations that will surprise them.

Meanwhile, “I Live Alone” airs every Friday at 11:10 PM (KST).


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