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It’s been two months since the departure of the late Lee Sun-kyun, but the resonance of the works he left behind still lingers

It’s been two months since the departure of the late Lee Sun-kyun, but the resonance of the works he left behind still lingers.

Director Yoo Jae-seon of the film “Sleep” won the Best New Director award at the 22nd Director’s Cut Awards. Although he is currently abroad, he expressed his gratitude through a video, saying, “I’m thankful to senior directors whom I’ve always respected for loving and supporting the film.”

In particular, Director Yoo expressed his gratitude towards Lee Sun-kyun, stating, “I’m especially grateful to Lee Sun-kyun.” He added, “Thanks to the advice and affection given by Lee Sun-kyun, a better film was made, and I was able to grow as a better director,” leaving many touched.

Released in September last year, “Sleep” is a mystery thriller depicting the story of newlyweds Hyun-soo (played by Lee Sun-kyun) and Su-jin (played by Jung Yu-mi). The film portrays their struggle to uncover a terrifying secret that begins when Hyun-soo exhibits abnormal behavior during sleep. The acting ensemble of Lee Sun-kyun and Jung Yu-mi was outstanding.

Even among domestic audiences, the film gained attention, attracting 1.47 million viewers to theaters. It was also praised at overseas film festivals, receiving an invitation to the Critic’s Week section of the 76th Cannes International Film Festival and winning the Grand Prize at the Gerardmer International Fantastic Film Festival in France in January.

However, the lead actor who could have enjoyed such joys is no longer with us. Lee Sun-kyun was found dead on December 27th at his residence in Seoul after being investigated by the police since October for alleged drug use. Throughout the police investigation, he consistently claimed innocence, and both the preliminary and detailed drug tests came back negative.

It was revealed that Lee Sun-kyun had been threatened. He handed over 35 million won to Mr. B, the owner of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, and his acquaintance Mr. A. The relationship between Mr. A and Mr. B, once close friends, soured, and Mr. A reported Mr. B’s drug allegations to the police first, leading to Lee Sun-kyun’s blackmail being revealed as part of the drug scandal.

Before these facts came to light, Lee Sun-kyun ultimately took his own life. In response, the Korean Film Directors’ Association, who cherished him, expressed their condolences, saying, “We couldn’t protect him in the end. We’re sorry and sorry again that we couldn’t fulfill the destiny of an actor who sacrificed his life to be materialized in front of the camera. We are in despair. Now, we feel ashamed, but we will also make every effort to ensure that such tragedy never happens again. We will contemplate.”

When “Sleep” was released, Director Yoo Jae-seon said, “I was so happy because the actors cast as my top priority were great. Their acting was beyond words, and in addition to that, both actors completely respected me as a director, hoping to make a good film in a good atmosphere.” That’s why.

Director Yoo Jae-seon, who comes from the directing team of Bong Joon-ho, captured the hearts of both critics and audiences with his debut film “Sleep.” It was made possible by the solid lead actor Lee Sun-kyun. However, Lee Sun-kyun, who could have shared this glory, left only his work behind. Even after becoming a star in the sky, the acting and works of “Actor Lee Sun-kyun” shine even more brightly like the trophy added this time.


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