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The nominees for the “60th Baeksang Arts Awards” in the TV, Film, and Theater categories have been announced

The nominees for the “60th Baeksang Arts Awards” in the TV, Film, and Theater categories have been announced.

On the 8th, the Baeksang Arts Awards Office opened its official website and announced the nominees for various categories who have excelled in TV, film, and theater over the past year.

In the TV category, various works released on different channels and platforms have garnered attention with a diverse range of genres and themes. The nominees for the Drama category include JTBC’s “The Good Bad Mother,” Disney+’s “Moving,” SBS’s “The Devil,” MBC’s “Lovers,” and Netflix’s “Daily Dose of Sunshine.”

The variety program awards, including Entertainment Program and Male/Female Variety Performer, are expected to witness intense competition with the inclusion of creators and web content. Nominees for the Entertainment Program include SBS Plus·ENA’s “I Am SOLO<I Am Solo>,” WAVE’s “Verification Zone The Community,” JTBC’s “Strong Baseball,” MBC’s “Traveling the World Born Today 2,” and ttoottun’s “Excuse Me.” For the Male Variety Performer award, nominees include Gi-An84, Na Young-seok, Yu Jae-seok, Chimchak Man, and Tak Jae-hoon, while Kim Sook, Ahn Yoo-jin, Lee Soo-ji, Jang Do-yeon, and Hong Jin-kyung are nominated for the Female Variety Performer award.

The nominees for the Best Actor award, which receives much attention every year, include Kim Soo-hyun (“The Queen of Tears” on tvN), Namgoong Min (“Lovers” on MBC), Ryoo Seung-ryong (“Moving” on Disney+), Yoo Yeon-seok (“Unlucky Days” on TVing), and Lim Si-wan (“Boyhood” on Coupang Play). The nominees for the Best Actress award are Ra Mi-ran (“The Bad Mother” on JTBC), Ahn Eun-jin (“Lovers” on MBC), Uhm Jung-hwa (“Dr. Cha Jung-sook” on JTBC), Lee Ha-nui (“Flowers Blooming at Night” on MBC), and Im Ji-yeon (“A House with a Yard” on GenieTV).

The Supporting Actor and Actress categories are filled with strong nominees who have enhanced the completeness of their works with brilliant performances. The male supporting actor nominees are Ryu Kyung-soo, Ahn Jae-hong, Lee Yi-kyung, Lim Hee-jun, and Ji Seung-hyun. For the female supporting actress nominees, Kang Mal-geum, Shin Dong-mi, Yeom Hye-ran, Lee Jung-eun, and Joo Min-kyung are named.

The New Actor/Actress award, which can be received only once and is considered even more honorable, is filled with actors who left a strong impression with their roles in various works. Nominees for Best New Actor include Kim Yo-han, Lee Si-woo, Lee Shin-gi, Lee Jong-won, and Lee Han-byeol, while nominees for Best New Actress include Go Yoon-jung, Kim Hyeong-seo, Yoo Na, Lee Yidam, and Lee Han-byeol.

In the directing category, nominees include directors Baek In-je (“Moving” on Disney+), Lee Myung-woo (“Boyhood” on Coupang Play), Lee Chang-hee (“A Bloody Lucky Day” on TVing), Jung Ji-hyun (“A House with a Yard” on GenieTV), and Han Dong-wook (“The Worst of Evil” on Disney+). The competition among the delicate and skilled writers is also anticipated, with Kang Full (“Moving” on Disney+), Kim Eun-hee (“The Devil” on SBS), Bae Se-young (“The Good Bad Mother” on JTBC), Lee Nam-gyu, Oh Bo-hyun, and Kim Da-hee (“Daily Dose of Sunshine” on Netflix), and Jeon Go-un, Im Dae-hyung (“LTNS” on TVing) being nominated.


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