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“Hospital Playlist” Season 3: Producer Shin Won-ho has officially confirmed the production of the rewatch worthy series

Producer Shin Won-ho has officially confirmed the production of “Hospital Playlist” Season 3.

On the 12th, a video titled “After watching Hospital Playlist again, isn’t it great? So good?” was released on the YouTube channel “Channel 15.”

On this day, PD Shin Won-ho, who directed “Hospital Playlist”, gathered with actors Jo Jung-suk, Jeon Mi-do, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, and Kim Dae-myung.

During the gathering, Jung Kyung-ho directly asked PD Shin Won-ho about the production of “Hospital Playlist” Season 3. Yoo Yeon-seok and Jeon Mi-do also expressed their longing for a new season, saying, “Our plan was ‘Hospital Playlist 3’.”

PD Shin Won-ho waited until all five actors were seated together and then mentioned Season 3 for the first time, saying, “I’ll do it. I’ll do it someday.”

Upon hearing this, Kim Dae-myung stood up in surprise, and Jung Kyung-ho exclaimed joyfully, “Oh my god.”

PD Na Young-seok, taken aback by the unexpected reactions of the members, hinted that PD Shin had been planning Season 3 all along, saying, “Didn’t I not even mention this much to you guys?”

Jo Jung-suk expressed his hope for Season 3, saying, “Even when we get older, I think it’ll be cool. I think people will be curious about how these characters age.”

PD Shin Won-ho conveyed his gratitude, saying, “It’s so thankful that such great actors and fans want it. Just asking for it.”

Having appeared in “Hospital Playlist” as a cameo, PD Na Young-seok hinted at a return to the show, saying to Jo Jung-suk, “Let’s do it properly this time. I felt like you didn’t receive my acting well last time.”

PD Shin also talked about the changes in the new season, sharing that Kim Jun-do, who played Jung-suk’s son Woo-joo, has grown a lot and now communicates like an adult.

PD Shin also confessed, “I talked with Writer Lee Woo-jung. We’re not milking a well-done IP. We had such a good time together, and when you guys said, ‘Let’s do Season Three,’ I actually felt like saying ‘let’s do it.'”

Furthermore, PD Shin emphasized the importance of all the actors being present, saying, “Fans want to see how Ik-joon, Song-hwa, Jun-wan, Jung-won, and Seok-hyung are doing. If your schedules allow, let’s do it. If even one of you can’t make it, we won’t do it.”

Jo Jung-suk expressed excitement about everyone gathering together for Season 3, and PD Shin expressed his affection, saying, “Even if the ratings aren’t high, I’ll be happy if we gather like that (for ‘Hospital Playlist 3’).”

Jo Jung-suk confessed that “Hospital Playlist” was special, saying, “Although it looked like acting, we were real. We felt a strange emotion we had never felt before and missed it.”

The actors expressed regret for not having a reward vacation. When Jung Kyung-ho mentioned wanting to travel, PD Na Young-seok asked, “Where do you want to go?” and the actors mentioned places like Hawaii and Argentina.

PD Shin suggested, “Discuss everything, and Mido, you decide,” hinting at a new season that resembles the characters’ lives in ‘Hospital Playlist.’

The drama “Hospital Playlist,” known for its unique development, received great love for Seasons 1 and 2, and its fan base is solid, with some viewers already on their ‘Nth rewatch.’

Viewers are excited about the news of Season 3 and are expressing happiness about the anticipated changes in the characters’ lives that will reflect the time passed since the previous seasons.

Netizens are eagerly awaiting PD Na Young-seok’s return, reward vacation variety, and the consistent appearance of characters and members, expressing their affection by saying, “It will be a world with a stronger universe than any other sequel.”

Additionally, a spin-off drama of “Hospital Playlist,” titled “Resident Playbook”, is scheduled to air in the second half of the year, featuring Director Shin Won-ho and Writer Lee Woo-jung as creators, depicting the realistic hospital life and friendship stories of university hospital professors and residents.

The expanding universe of “Hospital Playlist” in various forms is raising expectations even higher.


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