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“Troubleshooting”: Xdinary Heroes has shared behind-the-scenes details of their first full-length album creation

Xdinary Heroes has shared behind-the-scenes details of their first full-length album creation “Troubleshooting”, building anticipation for their comeback.

Xdinary Heroes will release their first full-length album titled “Troubleshooting” on the 30th.

The album includes 10 tracks, including the title track “Little Things”, as well as “No Matter”, “UNDEFINED”, “Paint It”, “Money On My Mind”, “Dreaming Girl”, “Until the End of Time”, “Walking to the Moon”, “MONEYBALL”, and “Night of Fireworks”, with all members participating directly in the songwriting process.

On the 26th at noon, they posted a video content titled “Find Trouble Inside” their official SNS channel, discussing the album creation process and expressing their extraordinary passion and confidence for their comeback.

They introduced, “The album name “Troubleshooting” means ‘problem-solving’. It expresses that we, who used to seek confidence only within the virtual space ♭form (platform), are also okay people in the real world. We hope this album resonates with many listeners.”

They shared behind-the-scenes stories while enjoying instrumental tracks from the 1st to the last track. Specifically about the title track “Little Things”, they expressed pride, saying, “‘Freakin’ Bad’, ‘Break the Brake’, and other title tracks we’ve released so far had a hard and strong vibe, but this title track is very different. It’s the kind of song that all members, with different music tastes, unanimously liked and wanted for Xdinary Heroes.

Starting from an empty track with nothing, Junhan, who solved the chorus that didn’t come out, and Junhan, who focused on lyrics writing in dressing rooms or on airplanes, wrote over 20 drafts, showcasing the efforts of each member.”

The new song “Little Things” was first revealed at the solo concert “Xdinary Heroes Concert <Closed ♭eta: v6.0>” held from the 19th to the 21st, receiving an explosive response from the audience.

Especially with its refreshing blend of cool band sound, lyrical melody, and honest lyrics, “Little Things” broadens Xdinary Heroes’ music spectrum, increasing anticipation for its official release.

Junhan, who wrote the lyrics, expressed sentimental feelings, saying, “I thought it would be nice to have lyrics that fit perfectly with the beautiful melody. I put my sincere thoughts into the lyrics while thinking of our members.”

The members discussed the reasons behind being able to complete each song and expressed their strong trust in each other and the joy of making music.

“As we release the album, we often say we ‘force an upgrade’ among ourselves. The process of working on some songs was so fun and exciting that the melody came out in just 5 minutes. I’m really looking forward to sharing this album, which contains diverse genres that are overwhelming, intense, and can be sung along by everyone, with our fans. The thought of Xdinary Heroes being together until the end, till our time runs out, is becoming stronger,” they said, making the future they will create even more anticipated.

Meanwhile, Xdinary Heroes’ unique musical personality and capabilities are fully showcased in their first full-length album “Troubleshooting” and title track “Little Things”, which were officially released on the 30th at 6 p.m (KST).

Watch Xdinary Heroes’ “<Troubleshooting> Find Trouble Inside” here!


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