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“Twinkling Watermelon”: Reunion of Ryu Won and Seol In-ah in 2023

“Twinkling Watermelon”: Reunion of Ryu Won and Seol In-ah in 2023

On the 14th, in the 16th episode (final episode) of the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Twinkling Watermelon,” Ryu Won and Seol In-ah reunited by returning to 2023.

On this day, Kwon Do-hyung (played by Yoon Joo-yeop) spotted Haeun Gyeol (Ryu Won) while driving and deliberately rushed towards her. Haichan rescued Haeun Gyeol and got into a traffic accident.

Haichan was transported to the hospital by ambulance, and Haeun Gyeol regretted, saying, “I’m sorry. Lee Chan-ah. If I had been by your side just for today, everything would have been fine. It’s all my fault that I should have protected you.”

Moreover, Master (Jung Sang-hoon) called Haeun Gyeol and said, “Tomorrow night, two full moons will rise. When two full moons rise, the temporal and spatial door connecting the past and present or present and future opens. Finish the remaining journey and come back to the place where you first arrived. As promised, I will brightly illuminate the fire of Lavida Music.” 

Haeun Gyeol replied, “Do you see the situation where I can go back in your eyes?” and shot back. However, Haichan, although he successfully completed the surgery, suffered from hearing impairment due to the aftereffects of the traffic accident.

Later, Haichan asked, “Are you going back? Your reflection in the window. The sad expression before breaking up. Where are you going? Home? Studying abroad? Or the future? You said you came from the future,” and Haeun Gyeol apologized, saying, “I’m really sorry.”

Haichan, choking up, asked, “I’m curious, what happens to me in the future? Do I go to college? Continue the band? Will I be able to hear then? Don’t make grandma suffer and live well, doing the role of a person without causing trouble?” 

Haeun Gyeol comforted him, saying, “Live well. Shine brighter than anyone else. I told you before. Become a wonderful father who is loved by his wife and respected by his children. Be like that. Turn weaknesses into personality. Turn any trial into a hero’s saga. So.”

Haichan despairingly said, “What are you saying? I can’t hear anything at all,” and Haeun Gyeol expressed affection, saying, “So, promise to keep it. Overcome it splendidly and be sure to become my father.” 

In the end, Haeun Gyeol returned to 2023. Haeun Gyeol and the future of people around her had changed, and she was actively working as a member of a popular band.

As an adult, Haichan (played by Choi Won-young) became the head of the headquarters of a genuine musical instrument, and he was still close to the friends he played in a band with during high school.

Not only that, but Haeun Gyeol also reunited with On Eun-yoo. On Eun-yoo smiled and said, “It’s been a while, Haeun Gyeol. About 28 years?” and Haeun Gyeol said, “I thought you couldn’t come back. You came, but why are you running away?” expressing her disappointment.

On Eun-yoo said, “I didn’t run away, it’s a trick. I wanted to monopolize you alone. It seems that the bait was so excellent that I was caught quickly,” making a joke, and Haeun Gyeol approached On Eun-yoo and kissed her.


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