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YG Entertainment announces mid-term dividend policy amidst firm commitment to business growth

YG Entertainment announces mid-term dividend policy amidst firm commitment to business growth.

In January, YG Entertainment, expressing firm determination for business and growth this year, announced its mid-term dividend policy while enhancing shareholder value through the purchase of 20 billion won worth of treasury stocks by its chief producer, Yang Hyun-suk.

On the 29th, YG Entertainment disclosed that its board of directors had resolved to establish a “mid-term dividend policy.” Accordingly, YG will implement cash dividends equivalent to 10-20% of separate standard net profit for three years from 2024 to 2026 to predict long-term shareholder returns and enhance shareholder value. Additionally, the cash dividend resolved at the board of directors’ meeting on this day for 2023 amounts to 300 won per share (250 won last year), totaling approximately 5.6 billion won.

A YG Entertainment official stated, “Starting with the purchase of treasury stocks by the largest shareholder in January, by resolving this mid-term dividend policy, we will continue our efforts for stabilizing stock prices and enhancing corporate value and shareholder benefits.”

Meanwhile, in 2023, YG Entertainment achieved its highest performance to date, with consolidated sales reaching 569.2 billion won and operating profit reaching 86.9 billion won, marking respective increases of 45.5% and 86.4% compared to the previous year, thanks to increased activities by its artists and expansion of the global fandom.

This year, YG Entertainment’s BABYMONSTER, attracting attention from global fans with the release of their debut song, will commence full-fledged domestic and international activities starting with the release of a mini-album in April.

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TREASURE is successfully conducting a Japan tour in March and plans to announce an Asia tour consecutively to solidify its position in Asia.

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Additionally, preparing for the 10th anniversary of their debut, AKMU is planning various projects and overseas market expansions, while concrete plans for the activities of BLACKPINK, who signed a group activity contract last December, are being formulated.

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BLACKPINK Releases New Song 'The Girls' & Music Video In 'The Game'

Furthermore, YG Entertainment plans to continue its project of discovering and nurturing global rookies through local auditions in Japan and Thailand.


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