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Actors Kang Min-hyuk and Yoo Da-in reveals their inner thoughts of working on ‘Expose’ 

At the press screening of the new movie ‘Revelation’ held at Lotte Cinema at the entrance to Konkuk University in Jayang-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 13th, Kang Min-hyuk said, “I played the role of a public defender. “Unlike previous movies and dramas, real lawyers are warm-hearted and calm,” he said. “I put a lot of thought into making sure the audience could sympathize with me when I expressed those aspects in the movie,” he said, explaining the process of approaching the character.

Kang Min-hyuk, who was worried about how to play the role of a young lawyer, emphasized, “I considered realistic aspects.” On this day, he said, “The director is also a lawyer, and I also sought advice from lawyers I know personally. “And I actually went to court,” he said, revealing the efforts he made to keep it realistic.

The new movie ‘Exposure’ (directed by Hong Yong-ho, produced by Logline Studio, distributed by Merry Christmas) starring Kang Min-hyuk and Yoo Da-in proves the innocence of a client accused of the Bond murder case, while repeatedly admitting and denying the crime with a defense attorney trying to find the real culprit. It is a crime thriller that follows the true story of a case that falls into the labyrinth due to a defendant and a third person present at the scene. It will be released in theaters on the 20th of this month.

CNBLUE member and actor Kang Min-hyuk played Lee Jeong-min, a passionate public defender. Kang Min-hyuk, who said that he became more and more immersed in the character of a lawyer while acting, said, “I am a calm person by nature, but when I was acting, I saw myself getting excited and not being able to calm down. “I also have a fiery personality,” he said. “I also thought about how far I would have gone if I had become a lawyer. “I think I would have done well even if I had become a lawyer,” he said, smiling and showing confidence.

Regarding the new things he learned while playing the role of a lawyer, he said, “I felt what I had to protect in life,” and added, “I think love is by my side without me even realizing it. “I think audiences will also feel that through this movie,” he said, urging people to watch the movie in theaters.


Meanwhile, Yoo Da-in gave a delicate and passionate performance as Seong Yoon-ah, a woman who was designated as the most likely suspect in the murder case. Yoo Da-in looked as if he couldn’t understand her true intentions, and she added a fun twist that turned everything upside down in an instant.

On this day, she described her character, Seong Yoon-ah, as “a person who has nowhere to rely on.” Although she stands in court as a defendant, her character is portrayed by nonverbal elements rather than her words, she says.

She said that Yoo Da-in “doesn’t have many lines, so she expressed her emotions through her hand movements, head movements, and eyes. “At the time of filming, she was worried about how to express this part,” she said.

Yoo Da-in, who married director Min Yong-geun in 2021, welcomed her first daughter in April this year. On this day, she said, “I have been living only thinking about myself, but I am happy because I have a daughter who is more precious than me,” and she said, “I am spending my time looking at the baby these days.” She shared her thoughts about giving birth.

Meanwhile, actress Sang Sang-ah, who has been active on the theater stage, added to the fun by playing the role of Choi Eun-joo, who has a special relationship with this case as the chief judge.

On this day, Sang-Ah Sang said, “I am not a calm person by nature, but taking on this role made her maintain a long breath. So I discovered a new calm side of me,” she said, laughing.

‘Exposure’ is the feature-length directorial debut of director Hong Yong-ho, a practicing lawyer with over 20 years of experience. So far, Director Hong has directed the short films ‘Unknown Waltz’ (2019) and ‘Jurors’ (2018) and adapted the films ‘Witness’ (2019) and ‘Silence’ (2017). It is said that this film was written and directed after getting an idea from reading a short article about a certain person.

On this day, director Hong Yong-ho said, “The incident shown in the movie is not based on a true story. “I wanted to make a film about a situation where unexpected facts are revealed in a courtroom,” he said, making the film based on his personal experience.

Director Hong continued, “I put a little more emphasis on ‘fun’ among realism and dramatic fun,” and added, “Of course, I added here and there dramatic devices that are unlikely to happen in reality. “It’s a courtroom movie, but I tried not to get bored while watching it,” he said. Because it is a legal drama, it is interpreted as meaning that rather than focusing on uncovering the criminal, it contains the affection and love that cannot but bloom between people.

Director Hong concluded by saying, “Three masterpieces will be released during Chuseok, and I hope that audiences who really enjoy movies will also watch our movies. “I hope it will be loved by the audience,” he said. “I didn’t put any message in the movie, but I think each audience member will find some meaning after watching our movie.”

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