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“ONE HEARTED”: AMPERS&ONE successfully concluded their activities for the 2nd single album “ONE HEARTED”

AMPERS&ONE successfully concluded their activities for the 2nd single album “ONE HEARTED”.

On the 17th, AMPERS&ONE wrapped up their official activities for the 2nd single album “ONE HEARTED” with their last stage on MBC M’s “Show! Champion”. Reflecting on AMPERS&ONE’s “ONE HEARTED” activities, we can explore the significance they left behind through this comeback.

Growth in Skills and Broad Spectrum

Through this comeback, AMPERS&ONE transformed into hockey players, showcasing intense energy and receiving hot responses. They captivated music fans with an expanded musical spectrum and improved performance quality compared to their debut activities. This growth in skills was reflected in an increase in listenership. According to Spotify statistics, during the 3-week activity period, their followers increased by about 17,000, which is approximately 68% higher than their previous work (25,000 followers). As of the 17th, they had about 81,000 listeners, showing an approximately 37% increase from before, and recorded about 460,000 streams, a 30% increase from the previous work, attracting numerous new listeners.

Additionally, on the 16th, they appeared on SBS M and SBS FiL’s “The Show”, where they first revealed the bright and charming stage of the b-side track “Someday”, contrasting with the title track “Broken Heart”. AMPERS&ONE’s broad spectrum, capable of handling any concept from intense charisma to refreshing charm, solidified their presence and demonstrated their potential for future growth.

Diverse Charms Expressed through Vibrant Content

AMPERS&ONE attracted attention with trendy yet friendly and cute charms through various platform contents. On short-form channels, they operated the #Broken_Heart_Challenge using the point choreography of the title track “Broken Heart”, garnering attention. They decorated the cover of the first issue of K-pop magazine ITDA Book, showing unique visuals and displaying their individuality through interviews. Additionally, they appeared on various radio shows such as EBS Night Radio and MBC FM4U’s “IDOL RADIO Season 4”, as well as entertainment programs like KBS2’s “Gag Concert” and “1 Night 2 Days Season 4”, and YouTube contents, radiating passion and cuteness to provide opportunities for fans to become fans.

Aimed at Fans with Sweetness

Above all, this comeback holds even more significant meaning as it marks their first official activities since their official fan club name was announced. AMPERS&ONE first announced the official fan club name “ANDEAR” at the pre-showcase held the day before the release of their 2nd single album.

Subsequently, they expressed affectionate fan love by conducting a mini fan meeting along with a reverse marketing event for fans who visited music shows. Despite busy schedules, they communicated frequently with fans through live broadcasts and posts on the global fan communication platform Weverse, and consistently showed affectionate aspects at fan signing events.

AMPERS&ONE, who captivated music fans with enhanced skills, multifaceted charms that induce fandom, and sweet fan love, made a comeback in an upgraded form. With expectations for their continued multifaceted activities and future musical endeavors, members’ growth, and their music direction, AMPERS&ONE has gained even more anticipation.

Listen to AMPERS&ONE’s “Broken Heart” here!


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