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“Broken Heart”: AMPERS&ONE is gathering attention with “Broken Heart”‘s challenge

AMPERS&ONE is gathering attention with their new song ‘Broken Heart’ challenge.

AMPERS&ONE released their 2nd single album “ONE HEARTED” on March 26th and has been actively promoting through various contents and music shows.

The title track “Broken Heart” features powerful choreography and an addictive melody. AMPERS&ONE introduced the ‘Broken Heart’ challenge on various global short-form channels like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

In the challenge videos, AMPERS&ONE members showcased choreography containing the chorus and highlight parts of the new song in individual, unit, and full group settings. They presented different versions of the “Broken Heart” challenge including an “Easy” version and a “Sped Up” version with the original song at a faster pace to encourage widespread participation.

Various stars from K-pop artists to comedians have participated in this challenge, adding to its excitement. AMPERS&ONE collaborated with diverse artists including nMIXX‘s Sullyoon, Ensign Lawrence, Eddy, EVNNE’s Kaita, Yoo Seung-eon, Jiyoonseo, TIOT’s Geum Junhyun, UNI.T’s Nana, Bang Yunha, and comedian Yoo Jaepil.

The new song is a hip-hop dance track with dynamic rhythm and weighty bassline that accentuates the unique voices of the members. The candid lyrics express falling in love at first sight and feeling like the heart is broken all day long. AMPERS&ONE depicted their captivating image of being lovestruck through this song.

AMPERS&ONE will captivate the audience with their performance of “Broken Heart” on SBS M, SBS FiL “The Show”.

Listen to AMPERS&ONE’s “Broken Heart” here!


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