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BLACKPINK members seem to be actively building their individual strategies while maintaining their group activities

BLACKPINK members, who dramatically renewed their contract with YG Entertainment, seem to be actively building their individual strategies while maintaining their group activities.

With BLACKPINK‘s activities limited to the ‘group’ under YG, the question of where each member would go individually has been a hot topic in the music industry. Two months since the contract renewal news, what groundwork are the members laying down?

JennieLisa Stand Alone with ‘Independent Labels

Jennie and Lisa have embarked on full-fledged independent endeavors.

Jennie announced the establishment of her own label less than a month after news of her group’s renewal contract with YG. According to the music industry, Jennie’s label, named ‘ODD ATELIER,’ means a space for creating attention-grabbing novelty. Jennie even revealed her ‘ODD ATELIER’ office through her YouTube video at the end of last year, saying, “I will shoot a lot of content here in the future,” expressing anticipation for many enjoyable experiences to come.

Jennie’s schedule for this year looks busy. She recently confirmed her appearance on the new tvN entertainment program “Apartment 404” and is expected to continue her influential solo activities, as impactful as BLACKPINK group activities, with the release of her first solo regular album this year.

Lisa, on the other hand, announced the establishment of her second independent label.

On the 8th, Lisa officially announced the establishment of her independent label ‘LLOUD’ on her SNS. She stated that it would be a platform where she could showcase her vision for music and entertainment, inviting others to join her exciting journey of exploring new boundaries together.

Additionally, Lisa is on the verge of making her acting debut abroad. According to the US entertainment media Variety, Lisa will appear in Season 3 of the hit HBO series “The White Lotus”. Currently, Lisa is known to be filming in Thailand.

Jisoo to Family Business & Rosé Composing**

Jisoo is expected to head towards her brother’s brand, ‘BIO MOM,’ for her solo activities.

BIO MOM is a brand of health functional food for infants and toddlers, but recently, along with Jisoo, it has been expanding into the entertainment business under the name ‘Blissoo.’ Jisoo, known to have a special relationship with her brother, is expected to collaborate with him for her solo activities.

Rosé, the member who announced her solo activities last, surprised fans with the news on the 11th through her SNS.

She shared her current status, saying, “You might have been curious about my whereabouts due to the lack of news. I’ve been working hard every day to meet you all in a better form this year.” She then shared a snippet of her self-composed song, saying, “It was quiet for a while, but I’m preparing for something really exciting. I want to give fans a small gift like today,” hinting at her upcoming solo activities.

While the members have embarked on different paths as solo artists, they still boast strong bonds of friendship. On the 11th, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa each posted birthday messages for Rosé on their respective SNS accounts, expressing deep affection for each other.

However, as the individual brand value of the members becomes stronger, it is expected that there may be disruptions in group activities. Although YG announced at the time of the contract renewal that “BLACKPINK plans to release a new album and embark on a world tour again with the support of YG,” the timing remains uncertain. While the members and YG have succeeded in maintaining the team called BLACKPINK, it seems that it will be difficult to find the timing for full-group activities for the time being.


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