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“Apartment 404”: Unveiling BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Kim Hee-sun’s transformations

Unveiling BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Kim Hee-sun’s Transformations in “Apartment 404”.

tvN’s “Apartment 404” arouses nostalgia for retro items.

“Apartment 404” is a domestic first-time transcendent spacetime mystery drama that revolves around a familiar space and living space, an apartment, where six residents, Yoo Jae-suk, Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Na-ra, Yang Se-chan, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, and Lee Jeong-ha, transcend various years and spacetime. Based on various real-life incidents from the 80s and 90s, the setting that transcends changing years and spacetime stimulates memories and nostalgia for each era.

Even from the teasers, highlights, and still photos released so far, you can catch a glimpse of retro items, adding to the enjoyment of watching. The most eye-catching is the fashion of the “Apartment 404” members. Jennie’s appearance reminiscent of Kim Hee-sun from the popular drama “Tomato” stands out. Oh Na-ra evokes memories of 90s stars Go So-young and Shim Eun-ha, Yang Se-chan brings to mind Seo Taiji, and Lee Jeong-ha with a bleach hair style also exudes a retro vibe.

In the teaser video, you can also see various retro items. From the apartment interior filled with 80s and 90s mood to the members continuing their investigation with Chinese newspapers, various props such as CD players, cassette tapes, cordless phones, and CRT TVs, which are not commonly used now, appear.

“Apartment 404” premiered on the 23rd at 8:40 PM (KST).


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