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BLACKPINK’s Jennie joins the Paris Fashion Week excitement at Lisa’s ‘Crazy Horse’ spectacle

On September 30, Jennie touched down in France to partake in Chanel’s showcase during Paris Fashion Week, scheduled for October 3. Shortly after disembarking from the airport, she was spotted outside the renowned Crazy Horse Paris, as she made her way into the venue to catch Lisa‘s final act in her five-show run.

Before this, Jisoo and Rosé were seen in the audience during Lisa’s inaugural performance on September 28. Jennie’s attendance swiftly set social media ablaze, underlining the unity of all three members as they made sure to support their groupmate’s show.

‘Crazy Horse Paris’ holds a prominent position among Paris’s top three cabaret shows. Lisa’s decision to headline five shows in the ‘Totally Crazy’ series stirred a mix of reactions, given the show’s provocative nature. Nevertheless, each performance rapidly sold out and drew a host of Lisa’s celebrity acquaintances, not limited to BLACKPINK but extending to rapper Tyga, actor Austin Butler, model Kaia Gerber, and Spanish pop sensation Rosalía. Although ‘Crazy Horse Paris’ productions are known for featuring cast members in the nude, attendees of Lisa’s performances have clarified that while she did shed some attire, she never appeared completely unclothed during her acts.


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