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Celebrated return: DAY6’s Wonpil rejoins overjoyed fans after military service on the 27th

DAY6’s Wonpil will be discharged from the military on the 27th.

Wonpil completed one year and eight months of service as an inspector belonging to the Naval Operations Command, 7th Mobile Group, and was discharged without returning on this day. He had not taken a month’s worth of vacation and took his last vacation on October 31st.

DAY6 Wonpil Akan Mendaftar di Militer + Inilah Mengapa Dia Bergabung Lebih Awal - K-Pop News Insde ID

Wonpil said through JYP Entertainment Fans Communication Platform, “During my free time, I thought that what I could do for MyDay (fandom name) was to stay healthy and do well while serving in the military. As I was living well like that, time passed like this. It was difficult coming to the Navy, but I wanted to show MyDay a good performance by continuing to board the warship until the end and saving up my vacation time to come out and practice as soon as possible.”

With this, Wonpil became the first idol to be discharged from the Navy. Although the service period is about two months longer than in the Army, he volunteered to join the Navy, which allows him to enlist at a relatively early date in order to minimize Day6’s military leave (gap due to military service).

All four members of Day6 have completed military service. Before Wonpil, Sungjin and Dowoon were discharged from active duty in the army, and Young.K became the first idol to complete his time as a KATUSA soldier.

Wonpil said, “I am so happy and excited that there are only a few days left before I can appear in front of My Day after the gray winter, pink spring, blue summer, and yellow fall.”

He promised to become a complete group, saying, “Please wait a little longer. It will be there soon.”

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