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The popular “Exchange 3” has come to a bittersweet end

The iconic dating program “EXchange 3” has come to a bittersweet end.

On the 19th, the Tving original series “EXchange 3” concluded its run. Launched in December of last year, “EXchange 3” aired for a total of 20 episodes over approximately 5 months.

On the final day of “EXchange 3,” three couples were formed: Sangjeong, who chose to reunite with X, Minhyeong and Yujeong, Changjin and Hyewon, Dongjin. Among them, the couples that have been in relationships up to now (real-life couples) were Minhyeong and Yujeong, and Hyewon and Dongjin.

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The “EXchange” series is considered one of the representative dating programs alongside Channel A’s “Heart Signal” and the Netflix series “Single’s Inferno 3.” It has garnered numerous super fans, leading to the emergence of the term “Heart Signal enthusiasts”. This indicates the program’s popularity and the dedicated fan base it has acquired.

However, “EXchange 3” faced challenges even before it began. This was due to the departure of PD Lee Jin-joo, the creator of the “EXchange” series, who launched a new dating program called ‘Siblings in Love,’ resulting in “EXchange 3” proceeding without PD Lee Jin-joo.

As a result, “EXchange 3” faced challenges from the casting of participants to the accommodation arrangements. The Seoul apartment where 12 participants lived together was cramped, with a shortage of bathrooms, making it difficult for the participants to communicate effectively or form relationships due to environmental constraints.

Additionally, concerns were raised about the extreme nature of the relationships among participants, with some dating for as short as 3 months and others for as long as 13 years. Such extremes led to worries that too short a dating period could lead to shallow perceptions of their relationships, while excessively long relationships could create preconceived notions making it difficult to start new love stories.

“EXchange 3” also faced suspicions of product placement (PPL). Participant Hwihyeon frequently appeared wearing clothes from brands that were sponsors of ‘Heart Signal 3.’

Furthermore, comments made by the participants often seemed self-conscious about referencing previous seasons of “EXchange,” leading to doubts about their sincerity. Comments like mimicking the famous line from “EXchange 2,” “See you tomorrow, Nuna,” or responses to questions about relationships with X, such as “Don’t tell me if it’s going to be a real relationship,” and “I was expecting younger guys like Hyunkyoo to approach me,” broke the immersion and raised doubts about sincerity.

The failure to fully capture the emotions and narratives of the participants, coupled with the release of several group photos of the participants at the end, left a bittersweet aftertaste. The sight of participants who had chosen new loves still maintaining friendships with X or wearing X’s couple outfits not only broke the immersion but also disrupted the lingering impression of “EXchange 3” seen so far.

Despite the controversies, “EXchange 3” showed its topicality, yet it had more ups and downs compared to previous seasons. If “EXchange” returns for a new season, one can only hope for improvements. There are many regrets left behind in various aspects.

Watch the teaser here!


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