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Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal 4’ is coming back as a spin-off program

According to Channel A, the spin-off program ‘After Signal’ will be broadcast for the first time on September 1st at 10:50 PM (KST), featuring stories that take place after the final selections of the residents of ‘Heart Signal 4’.

‘After Signal’ is a spin-off program that depicts the deeper and more thrilling signals of the 8 young men and women who have become couples or are now solo after leaving the Signal House. The reality episodes that take place after leaving the Signal House will be revealed for the first time. The MCs are Kim Ina, who was active in ‘Heart Signal 4’, and Oh My Girl’s Mimi.

In particular, viewers can anticipate seeing the real-life dates of the final couple of ‘Heart Signal 4’, Shin Min Gyu and Yoo Yi Soo, as well as the romantic moments of Han Gyeo Reh and Kim Ji Young, whether it’s the breathtaking secret dates to prevent spoilers before the broadcast or the realization of the dreamed romance, as they become a ‘real couple’.

The ‘Again Signal’ of Yoo Ji Won, Lee Hoo Shin, Lee Joo Mi, and Kim Ji Min, who missed each other’s hearts, is also a highlight. Through unique encounters that take place in their own daily lives rather than in the Signal House, there is great anticipation whether new couples will be born among solo men and women who reunite.

Previously, ‘Heart Signal 4’ received passionate love from viewers throughout its broadcast. As evidence of this interest, it set a record of ranking 1st for 10 consecutive weeks in the TV B-drama topicality category, and the cast members consistently ranked high in the actor’s topicality category, showcasing the class of the original dating reality show.

Concluding a journey of about 3 months, ‘Heart Signal 4′ successfully ignited viewers’ over-enthusiasm by stimulating trendy directing that awakens the dating cells and unpredictable love lines until the end. Therefore, attention is focused on the love race that will continue in ‘After Signal’. Broadcasting every Friday night at 10:50 PM.

Author Nat.O
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