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New beginnings and soul-stirring performances: “Sing Again 3” unveils fresh talent and heartfelt stories

“Sing Again 3 – anonymous singer contest” unveils new stars at its production presentation

On the 26th, the production presentation for JTBC’s new variety show “Sing Again 3 – Anonymous Singer Contest” took place at DMC Tower in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The event was attended by CP Yoon Hyun-jun, PD Shim Woo-jin, Lee Seung-gi, Yoon Jong-shin, Im Jae-beom, Baek Ji-young, Kim I-na, Kyuhyun, Lee Hae-ri, Sunmi, and Code Kunst.

“Sing Again 3” is a unique rebooted audition program that provides struggling singers with a “second chance” to perform in front of the public. Through seasons one and two, which aired in 2020 and 2021, talents like Lee Seung-yoon, Lee Mu-jin, Jung Hong-il, Lee So-jeong, Kim Ki-tae, Kim So-yeon, Yoon Sung, and Park Hyun-kyu were discovered.

CP Yoon Hyun-jun expressed, “Thanks to the love of the viewers, we were able to come back with Season 3 after two years. You will see that there have been many changes this season. We’ve gathered strong judges and received support from relatively unknown singers who still need an opportunity. I hope that this can be a program where they receive a great chance.”

The previous season, “Sing Again 2,” did not generate as much buzz compared to “Sing Again 1.”

CP Yoon Hyun-jun commented, “I think it was a natural result. We don’t select people who can win and make a big sensation on ‘Sing Again’ for the sake of it. We look at whether these individuals possess a certain level of skill and earnestness. The judges decide if they can relate to the contestants, and then the fame and popularity they attain is something we don’t have direct control over. Those appearing on ‘Sing Again’ may want to become superstars, but because they cannot even do the music they want to do in their lives, they join in hopes of getting an opportunity. It’s more appropriate for viewers to watch how they continue their music careers.”

Particularly, the show places a strong emphasis on verifying the participants.

PD Shim Woo-jin explained, “It’s a top priority for us. All these issues have already been checked through 1-on-1 meetings with all the applicants. So, there’s no need to worry about it.”

Lee Seung-gi, who hosted the first season and returns as the MC this season, stated, “I can’t use ‘Sing Again 3’ as a means for my personal recovery. It’s the third season, and new singers are emerging. I’ll bridge their passion and desperation.”

The chemistry between Lee Seung-gi and Kyuhyun is particularly anticipated.

Lee Seung-gi said, “We approach this with a feeling like an old married couple. We understand each other with just a glance, and we’re making an effort to be lively and fun. Please look forward to it.” Kyuhyun added, “We have a competitive chemistry. There are many new faces this time, but both Yoon Jong-shin and Im Jae-beom have a lot to say. So, before Yoon Jong-shin and Im Jae-beom speak, the two of them talk a lot. So, I think there’s a possibility that we may not have much screen time.”

The new season features a fresh judging panel, including Kim I-na, Kyuhyun, Sunmi, Lee Hae-ri, Yoon Jong-shin, Im Jae-beom, Baek Ji-young, and Code Kunst. This new mix of judges adds to the curiosity about how they will evaluate the contestants.

Yoon Jong-shin noted, “If people are amazed by the skills of those who sing well, it’s important how touching they can be now that viewers are aware of these things. It’s a program with that kind of appeal. There are many people who sing in a charming, unique, and individualistic way rather than just their musical talents. We will strive to choose those who sing in an appealing, distinctive way.” He added, “I don’t think I will have a bias toward me. I’ve been through this industry, and I have never been biased anywhere. Since we’ve been close friends from the beginning, there’s no strangeness between us. I’ve been working with the production team for over 20 years. We’ve been together for a long time, so it didn’t feel new. In fact, I was deeply attached to the contestants’ singing.”

Im Jae-beom said, “I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing by judging. I think the contestants wanted to come out on ‘Sing Again 3’ because they wanted to share their songs with the world. When they sing, I also have time to reflect. I will judge them to make them look good.”

Baek Ji-young expressed, “I was curious about what would be different about ‘Sing Again 3.’ Other auditions had a fresh excitement, but ‘Sing Again 3’ had more sincerity and desperation than I expected. There were many dramatic moments because it was sincere.”

Code Kunst mentioned, “What’s different from the auditions I’ve done before is that it feels like radio. It’s a program where you listen to the stories and feel them in your heart, rather than just listening to the music with your ears. I’ll listen as humbly as possible and try to convey the hearts of the contestants.”

The participants of “Sing Again 3” each carry their own stories and a deep desire to share their voices with the world and embark on a new beginning. Whether they come from an idol background or have experience in other audition programs, the 77 teams that have advanced to the finals all have intriguing stories to tell.

Kim Ee-na mentioned, “When you think about changing the criteria for judging, it’s the most challenging aspect. There are absolute criteria, such as basic vocal skills and a unique style. Some contestants are so remarkable that they make the judges press the button without hesitation. When we see such performances, we reflect on why we pressed the button. Some stages are so moving that they make us forget that we are judges.”

Sunmi stated, “Pressing the button seems simple when you look forward to the next stage. It’s like an ‘again’ button from the viewer’s perspective. ‘Sing Again’ evokes complex emotions because it encompasses various genres and generations. As a junior judge, I initially thought I would be more interested in contestants who create trendy music, but it doesn’t turn out that way. Different age groups have different emotions.”

Lee Hae-ri shared, “Judging in this program feels like you react more with your heart than with your brain compared to watching stages and analyzing or making judgments based on hearing. Singing ‘Sing Again’ is like a radio show where we listen to the contestants with our hearts.”

As it returns after two years, there are high expectations for “Sing Again 3.”

Producer Yoon Hyun-joon stated, “Season 1 received more love than expected in terms of viewership and popularity. We hope ‘Sing Again 3’ surpasses both Season 1 and Season 2. We aim for a viewership rating of over 10%, inspired by the success of Season 1.”

JTBC’s “Sing Again 3 – Anonymous Singer Contest” will air its first episode on October 26th at 10 PM (KST).


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