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[Exclusive] Lee Sun-kyun admits to drug use – Misunderstanding? “Thought it was a sleep aid”

Amid claims that actor Lee Sun-kyun admitted to drug use during a police summons investigation, doubts have arisen over whether this statement was a misunderstanding.

Lee Sun-kyun, who was booked on charges of violating the drug control law, underwent a three-hour police summons investigation on the 4th at the Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon. It was revealed that Lee Sun-kyun stated that he unknowingly used drugs, thinking they were prescription medication for insomnia. Some interpreted this as him practically admitting to the drug use, but others have argued that it was a misunderstanding during the process of responding to police questioning.

An individual familiar with the progress of Lee Sun-kyun’s investigation told Star News on the 5th, “Lee Sun-kyun only responded ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the questions posed by the police. He didn’t explicitly state, ‘I was deceived by Mr. A and unknowingly took drugs.'” According to Star News’s coverage, during the second summons investigation, Lee Sun-kyun stated that he received the drugs from Mr. A, believing they were prescribed for insomnia. When asked if he didn’t know they were drugs, he responded, “I didn’t know.” This part could be misunderstood as Lee Sun-kyun admitting to unknowingly using drugs.

Since earlier this year, Lee Sun-kyun has been facing accusations of drug use, including marijuana and psychotropic substances, at Mr. A’s residence in Gangnam, Seoul.

The police had previously revealed that after the first summons investigation on the 28th of last month, Lee Sun-kyun refused to make statements related to the drug allegations. However, Lee Sun-kyun’s side explained, “Refusing to make statements and refusing to exercise the right to refuse statements are different. The scheduled plan was originally for a simple drug reagent test, and we cooperated sincerely with the police’s requests.”

Lee Sun-kyun has claimed that he was threatened and blackmailed by Mr. A, who holds the key to this case. Still, he has not provided a clear stance on the drug use allegations. This is seen as a judgment to avoid adverse effects during the ongoing investigation and trial process.

The police conducted a drug reagent test on Lee Sun-kyun and requested a precise analysis of Lee Sun-kyun’s hair, urine, and other samples from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Both the drug reagent test and the national institute’s precise analysis reportedly came out negative, indicating that no drug components were detected.

Based on the results of the national institute’s analysis, the police currently believe that Lee Sun-kyun did not use drugs for about 8 to 10 months. However, since Lee Sun-kyun claimed that he was threatened by Mr. A and handed over approximately 300 million won (about $250,000), the police plan to continue the investigation while leaving open the possibility that Lee Sun-kyun might have used drugs 8 to 10 months ago. After receiving the results of a detailed examination of Lee Sun-kyun’s other samples and conducting supplementary investigations such as forensic analysis of his mobile phone, the police will demand a third appearance from Lee Sun-kyun.


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