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Golden Girls proudly won the Rookie Award at the “2023 KBS Entertainment Awards”

Golden Girls proudly won the Rookie Award at the ‘2023 KBS Entertainment Awards’ held on the 23rd of last month.

Golden Girls’ Insooni said, “I was wondering if I could win the Rookie of the Year award at this age, but it happened. I asked to go to the Rookie of the Year award, and my dream became a reality. Everyone, dream. He impressed us with his acceptance speech, saying, “Dreams become reality.”

Producer Yang Hyuk said, “The atmosphere on set was really good. The teachers also really enjoyed receiving the rookie award. We set up a celebration stage, but the atmosphere seems to drop the further we go. When the teachers went on stage, everyone in the audience got up, danced, and had fun together. The teachers also said that it was great because they enjoyed the stage together. These are people who really love the stage.”

He then mentioned Lee Eun-mi, who could not attend the awards ceremony due to her performance schedule at the time, and said, “The teacher couldn’t come because she had a performance scheduled before ‘Golden Girls’. So, producer Park Jin-young performed a congratulatory stage with the Golden Girls. Some say that teacher Eunmi Lee has withdrawn from the group, but that is not true. She also felt really sorry for the teacher. He hinted, “Please look forward to the self-cam that contains those feelings as it will soon be released on broadcast.”

In addition, PD Yang Hyuk revealed the story behind the recent “Golden Girls” guerrilla concert and conveyed the ‘sincerity’ of the four divas.

He said, “Teachers say they can’t do it at first because they have many first-time experiences, such as on the way to work or on YouTube live, but once they start, they show a truly professional attitude. So, legendary stages also appeared. I give a subtitle to each episode, and the ‘Golden Girls’ members answer all the questions I ask, such as ‘Will this work?’ in episode 1. I show it right away on stage.”

He continued, “During the guerrilla concert, we originally planned to sing ‘One Last Time’ and hold a fan signing event. However, the teachers were very impressed by the fans who came to see their performance. People asked me how I could only sing one song, so I had to sing a team of dancers at my own expense, so it ended up being a huge event and we performed for about an hour and a half. “They are people who truly love the stage, and they put fans and the stage as their top priority.”

In addition, he expressed his respect and gratitude to producer Park Jin-young and Insooni Shin Hyo-beom, Park Mi-kyung, and Lee Eun-mi, who are always sincere for ‘Golden Girls.’

He said, “Producer Park Jin-young is the person who loves Golden Girls the most. she loves so much I think it was possible because that sincerity was conveyed to the teachers as well. The teachers have now become a complete girl group. If teacher Park Mi-kyung is in the youngest position, teacher Shin Hyo-beom acts as a lubricant. Teacher Insooni feels like her eldest sister, and teacher Eunmi Lee acts as her idea bank.”

He continued, “I thought all four of them were very difficult to approach at first, but they are very humane and passionate. Teacher Insooni is surprisingly shy, and teacher Eunmi Lee tells a lot of jokes to the production crew. Teacher Park Mi-kyung feels like her easy-going big sister, and teacher Shin Hyo-beom is someone who has done a lot of entertainment for her, so she thinks a lot about the production team’s perspective.”

Producer Yang Hyuk once again emphasized that the secret to the popularity of “Golden Girls” is that their ‘sincerity’ was properly conveyed.

He said, “I think the fact that those who succeeded as divas showed a new side in the face of a challenge that they could not help but hesitate made a big impact. What I also felt after seeing the teachers is that there is never a right time to try new things and take on challenges. If you don’t do it, there is nothing. I thought once again that if I do that, I will end up failing. Regardless of age, don’t the younger generation and peers also have such concerns? I think that the Golden Girls’ message provided some kind of answer and resonated with those people. “I think the hearts of the five people who came together not just to do entertainment, but really worked sincerely, were conveyed through the screen.”

Lastly, he said with a smile, “Starting from episode 9, the second page will unfold. “Please look forward to it as it contains stories that take place along with the preparation of the second new song,” he said. “A lot of people are curious about season 2 as well.” Season 2 is also open. “If producer Park Jin-young and the Golden Girls want it, if everyone wants it, wouldn’t it be possible.”

“Golden Girls” airs every Friday at 10 PM (KST).


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